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17 Aug

Fall craft and decorating idea for kids Fall bulletin board ideas Fall themed umbrella craft for preschoolers Fall themed photo day activity Fall art activity for kids We have been nature detectives and watching the changing colours of leaves.Students made some fall trees with the colours we have been observing on the leaves.We gave the name of fall trees.Because we likes the autumn season. Students have been interested in the changing colours of the leaves.My teaching partner invited students to get messy and creative making some colorful fall trees of their own .                ... 

20 Jun

Sheep art and craft for preschool This page includes alot of free sheep art and craft idea for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy. The kids loved its. Cup cake liner sheep craft ideas Sheep bulletin board ideas for kids Sheep art activities for preschool Shaun the sheep craft ideas Cotton sheep craft for kindergarten Sheep printing ideas                                     

28 May

Tree stump painting&activities Tree stump painting and imprinting this morning. How cool was this? Alanna and Lucas made some colorful magic this morning.Thanks them. We are experimenting with our imprinting today. We painted some tree stumps to see what kind of an imprint it would leave. Lucas got a ‘kick’ out of all the rings around the tree stump and was counting them to see how old his tree was before it was cut down.We counted around 30 years…so sweet Tree stump painting activities for preschool or homeschool       

10 May

Mothers are the most valuable beings. If you ask me which of the books that I have read is the most beautiful one, let me say: It is my mother and today is her birthday. You are my sweetheart, I love you a lot my beautiful mom. I cannot love and attach to anybody in the world more than you, happy birthday my dear mom. My safest shelter in this world is our arms. It is my biggest luck in this world that you are my mom. I love you mummy. Mom, I admire your sweet smile, affectionate eyes, compassionate heart and especially your utterance of “my little one.” Happy birthday mummy. You are... 

24 Apr

Marbling Art Making marbling is an enjoyable activiy and it requires patience. First, it is necessary to choose a proper paper because marbling cannot be made on all papers. Marbling paper should absorb the paint and it should be durable. In order to make marbling, a rectangular, broad and shallow vat is necessary. Then, the paint is prepared in small cups for marbling. The paint that is going to be used for this purpose should be crushed into fine powder, it should not be among herbal and chemical paints which are not water-soluble dispersable. I recorded this video in a children festival in... 

20 Apr

Stone painting art for kindergarten Stone painting is an activity that you and your children will enjoy a great deal 😊 Painting different surfaces will gain different experiences to children. 😊 In this activity, we combined the art of stone painting with name awareness activity.  Art activities are exercises that help development of creativity and aesthetical sensitiveness. During art activities, interfering in the work of children (eg. giving examples, straightening the lines, oppressing, asking them to imitate the same) affects their process of being a productive individual,... 

11 Apr

Cork painting preschool and homeschool Preschool art with corks Cork painting and printing artwork ideas Sometimes,we use watercolor paper.Sometimes,we use black and white tempera paint on brightly colored paper.Sometimes,I cover the whole table in paper and let my kiddo paint the whole table using corks. How cute did my patternings activity work out my students:) Shamrock stamping with cork. Fish printing with cork for homeschooling Grape painting use a cork (inspired by a flower craft) Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this page. Mail: Enjoy:))    

10 Apr

Wooden block painting and printing for kids This project is as simple as collecting a few of your toddler’s wooden blocks and adding some paint. Block prints are colorful and fun, with bold and geometric results. Plus, this art activity is seriously easy, making it perfect for little ones. If you’ve got a boy who’s not excited about getting crafty, using his favorite building blocks will entice him to give this project a try. Along with creating something really cool, your tot will hone color and shape recognition skills. Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this... 

6 Apr

Pasta painting and printing activity This page includes a lot of free pasta painting and pasta printing activities for kids.Do these activities with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this page. Mail:  

15 Mar

Hungry caterpillar craft and art ideas for kids Kindergarten very hungry caterpillar’s The vary hungry caterpillar craft with egg cartoon Caterpillar artwork activities Bottle cap and foam caterpillar craft idea for toddlers Caterpillar painting and printing activities for homeschool We read drilled our words,answered questions,and threw glitter on our craft today. I prepped the caterpillars before therapy,but left off one pom pom.The kiddos used my completed caterpillar to tell me which color they needed The class sequencing activity with The Very Hungry Caterpillar caught a lot... 

15 Mar

Sunflower craft and art ideas preschoolers A handful of sunshine and sunflowers Paper plates sunflower craft ideas for kids This art work was inspired by the big got to choose how to express their creativeness by either using paints,oil pastels or collage… Learning about nature through play as we planted our sunflower seeds and painting Painted a paper plate yellow and added orange and yellow strips Pasta sunflower craft ideas Sunflower art Math activities with sunflowers for toddlers Kindergarten yellow party :))          

11 Mar

Frog painting activities for kids This page includes free frog themed painting art ideas for toddlers,kindergarten.Do these arts with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this page. Mail: Toilet paper roll frog painting activities Frog mask painting art idea Paper roll painting How to make a frog mask with painting…?  

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