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1 Feb

Name recognition activities for toddlers Name block matching Montessori-inspired name recognition activities for preschool and toddler Name recognition toddler and preschool educational printable activities Clothespin name recognition activity  

27 Dec

Rainbow fish craft preschoolers  Rainbow fish display ideas Fish display idea for preschoolers Fish display crafts Fish,frog and stork dramatization Fish language activities and crafts  

29 Nov

Puppet craft making for children  

25 Oct

What to say and say? What is a mutual dialogue between them? Skills Development.The language of the child and increase the focus and realizing the development of imagination and mental.  

10 Oct

coloring letters worksheet, color by letters a, b, c, d, e free kids printable, color by NUMBER printables, preschool color by number worksheets and printables, hidden color by letter printables, color by letter kindergarten, color by alphabet worksheets, color by letter worksheets for kindergarten, color by letters coloring pages  

20 Sep

Clothespin animal crafts  Clothespin animal craft ideas Creative Clothespin Crafts Clothespin Animal Puppets animal crafts for kids,preschoolers Clothespin bear,bee,cow,deer,cat….craft ideas  

27 Aug

Put in the right order  Cut and laminate the pictures. Introduce them one by one. Let the child put them in the right order and make the sentences. Then you could represent all pictures and make the child collect each situation by the symbol on the upper right corner. Excellent activity for thinking and narrative skills.  

17 Aug

Tangram printables free for kids Tangram solutions free printables Tangram puzzle template Tangram horse,house and animals .Providing teachers and pupils with tangram puzzle activities T is for tangram,Four is for tangram Preschool tangram template activities    

17 Aug

This page includes pets flashcards for kids.Do these worksheets with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free printables and activities in this page. Mail:  

17 Aug

This page includes group sorting activities for kids. Sorting is an important skill for preschool aged children to learn and practice. You may have noticed that your toddler or preschooler has a natural tendency to sort and they do. Sorting is a way to organize and make sense of their environment.  Activities like these provide concrete objects for your child to sort and organize. Colors, shapes and sizes are all great attributes to sort by but for older or more advanced learners try sorting my more than one or more subtle attributes. Sorting activities for kids Group sorting activity Sorting... 

16 Aug

which one is different?, which one does not match? which one is different from others which one doesn’t match?      

16 Aug

animal flashcards, animal printables, printable animal flash cards, farm animal flashcards, wild animals flashcards,  

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