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18 Nov

Which one is my shade? Say it with one word We continue with these materials. Wonderful work for thinking, attention, speech. When the child match the images to their shades, let him/her name the whole group with the general concept- animals, toys, fruits and vegetables.  

17 Nov

Numbers in circles You could use our circles as puzzles. Print at first the whole version and use it as a pattern, then cut and laminate the parts of each circle. It is wonderful means of visualization of numbers and their quantity. With beginners start with the whole circles and make a connection between numbers and their value, count with fingers, then introduce the puzzle and put the piece with one number-e.g. One and make the child assemble the other parts of the circles. After that you could start with some of the other pieces of the circles. Final step is assembling the black and white circles... 

17 Nov

This page includes a snowflake matching game with  for winter theme prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Have fun:) Materials;   White and blue felt Scissors Activity pictures Steps; Activity pictures;      

16 Nov

This page includes a shapes  activity  prepared with the rolls by our dear nother Zehra ŞEN for her sweet boy.Thanks her for sharing this awesome activity with us.Bless your hands and efforts. You can also support your child’s activities  by preparing materials with stuffs in your home, without expense. Have fun!    

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