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16 Mar

Fun handprint art activities for children This page contains a ton of other great handprint crafts too! Have fun ! how to make handprint crafts handprint crafts archives handprint crafts to do with kids handprint snowman craft for kids St. Patrick’s day handprint crafts for kids CLİCK HERE; Adorable footprint crafts for kids , Painting Ideas for Kids  

14 Mar

Snowman button counting game This page includes  a counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our winter theme.We have fun 🙂  

11 Mar

Applications for beginners It is interesting approach to develop fine motor skills combined with size, colors, expanding the vocabulary about Animals. With advancers you could give verbal instructions-e.g. Put the ears on the dog. it is excellent work for lipreading and hearing perception of hearing imparted children. If the child could manage with cutting it is better to cut the shapes without help. Other kinds of cut and paste worksheets are available on our website my pleasure. Read more click here;    

11 Mar

Made by circles Applications We offer you some interesting ideas that we have ordered with increasing level of difficulty. This is extremely good activity for fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, color recognition, speech-we are expanding vocabulary with new words, parts of the objects, shapes, size, narrative skills-when the child describes the moments of his/her activity. We practice the shapes- circle and semicircle. The last but not least it is a great fun Other kinds of crafts which can be made from circle paper  are available on our website my pleasure. Read more:Click here. ... 

10 Mar

This page includes “Worms in apples” counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl 🙂      

1 Mar

fun things to make with buttons, creative and fun button craft ıdeas, button crafts, ınnovative and beautiful button crafts and projects, easy button crafts for kids, button craft ıdeas, easy button kid crafts, Other kinds of crafts which can be made from button are available on our website my pleasure. Read more:      

27 Feb

Activities for Telling Time and Reading the Clock    

25 Feb

Snowman Baking Soda Science Activity This page includes a science activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. This winter snowman baking soda science activity is loads of sensory fun and learning.This snowman baking soda science activity uses simple ingredients for science sensory play. Supplıes Needed: small plastic cups baking soda vinegar water black beads orange foam paper {for noises} glitter and sequins {optional} food coloring {optional} To Make: Add water to a good load of baking soda just until you get a crumbly but pack-able dough. It shouldn’t be runny or soupy. Place to... 

31 Jan

Hungry caterpillar activities for kıds Hungry caterpillar crafts for kıds Caterpillar life cycle crafts for preschoolers Butterfly life cycle activities for kıds Caterpillar and butterfly crafts and arts for kıds Caterpillar and butterfly activities at homescooling Caterpillar and butterfly hand print crafts for kıds  

21 Jan

Cut and Paste Activities This pictures are missing some things.Can you find the missing pieces of the pictures and paste them on. Cut and paste activity pages:  

20 Jan

Clothespin Math Activities  

15 Jan

Styrofoam Ball Octopus Craft Here’s a cute craft with prepared by me for my sweet girl our ocean theme. A styrofoam ball octopus 🙂 Materials Needed; Fun Foam Balls Purple paper Googly eyes Scissors/Glue Purple paint Sequins Read more about our ocean activities;  

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