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29 Dec

Printmaking Ideas for Kids CLICK FOR MORE :Creative printmaking ideas for kids  

28 Dec

Activities with Q-tips    

25 Dec

Paper Plate Animal Crafts Paper plate giraffe crafts,paper plate rabbit craft,paper plate penguin crafts,paper plate parrot crafts,paper plate shark craft,paper plate whale craft,paper plate serpent craft,paper plate cancer craft,paper plate ladybug craft,paper plate chicken craft,paper plate snail craft,paper plate spider craft,paper plate spider web craft,paper plate duck craft,paper plate polar bear craft,paper plate bird house craft,paper plate frog craft,paper plate cock craft,paper plate rhino craft,paper plate dinosour craft,paper plate octobus craft,paper plate owl craft,paper plate fish... 

23 Dec

Hot Air Balloons Color Match This page includes “Hot Air Balloons Color Match” with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our air transportation theme. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target. Materials Needed: 7 colored pieces of paper Toilet roll Scissors Glue/tape Blue construction paper Slicon Slicon gun Electrical tape Pompom Rope Tissue paper      

21 Dec

Clothespin Color Matching Activities This page includes clothespin color matching activities for fine motor skills development. It is expressed that the motor skills are requiring usage of children’s hand and fingers.  If hand– eye coordination of children are developed well, they can use them in a best way. If we eveluate the skills of daily life, we use these skill groups in oreder to do necessary things for our lives. The children who cannot use their hands and fingers in a best way have some difficulties in their daily life skills. Also, these children have some problems in their school... 

17 Dec

Craft İdeas with Cotton Pads Applications made of cotton pads. More excellent ideas that are extremely good for sensory stimulation, fine motor skills, speech, thinking.                                                                                                            

15 Dec

Q-Tip Painting with Templates This page includes painting activity with prepared  by me for my students.We have fun!       Activity pages;      

27 Nov

There is a pencil holder made ​​from cans which dear mother Sibel KILINÇ prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. Bless your hands and efforts. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Eray’ın Etkinlik Dünyası.  

25 Nov

Pen Holder Made From Toilet Rolls This page includes a pencil holder from toilet rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.  

22 Nov

Toilet paper roll animal crafts  

22 Nov

Toilet paper roll animal crafts CLİCK HERE;  Toilet paper roll animal crafts Toilet Paper Roll Crafts  

16 Nov

This page includes emotion expressions activity prepared with the rolls by our dear nother Zehra ŞEN for her sweet boy.Thanks her for sharing this awesome activity with us.Bless your hands and efforts. You can also prepare this funny activity to your child by observing the stages above.They show emotions on their face so well that you can’t keep your eyes off your child.Have fun 🙂  

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