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2 Dec

A breathing activity with rolls This page includes a breathing activity with rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun! Supplies; Rolls Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Cardboard Pipette Pompoms             Toilet paper roll craft ideas Toilet paper roll craft ideas for preschool,kids,kindergarten Toilet paper roll animals crafts Space themed toilet paper Our math activities This page includes some math activities with prepared  by me for my sweet girl:) Our... 

23 Nov

A Fun Breathing Game for Kids This page includes a fun breathing game  for kids prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Have fun 🙂 Children will be more motivated to learn, practice, and implement deep breathing if it is fun. Below are some fun activities to help children learn this important life skill. Blowing a Pinwheel Such a simple, yet fun toy, who doesn’t love to watch the pinwheel colors mix together as it spins? Have the child take a deep breath (remind them slow and deep). Instruct them to hold their breath for 2 seconds (count out loud). Then, release the breath by blowing... 

Preschool Activities,montessori at home