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27 Dec

Fall applications
Cut the small parts-if the child could do this, let him manage with cutting without your help. Introduce the pictures one by one. With beginners you could sort the necessary parts for each application, for advancers-let them do this without your support. It is good activity for space orientation too-e.g. Give some instruction to the child where to put the different parts of the application-on the tree, up, on the left etc. you could combine this work with Autumn.Excellent activity for fine motor skills, speech-grammar, narrative and conversational skills, attention. For hearing imparted children this activity is very useful for speech development, hearing perception and lip reading.

autumn_ autumn_activities autumn_activities_for_kıds autumn_for_preschool autumn_hengehog autumn_preschool autumn_tree autumn_trees

Autumn Puzzles
Use this motor activity to develop speech-let the child tell anything he/she knows about the fall, fruits and vegetables, animals, weather. For absolute beginners you can start with two part puzzles.

aurumn_puzzle (2) aurumn_puzzle aurumn_puzzle_ pumpkin aurumn_puzzle_ aurumn_puzzle_activities aurumn_puzzle_for_kıds aurumn_puzzle_for_preschool aurumn_puzzle_leaf aurumn_puzzle_squirrel

Autumn Maths activity
Cut and laminate the cards. We ordered them with increasing level of difficulty. Start with the worksheet and Let the child count the objects, name the figure under them and color it. Then continue with the cards that the child should count the objects and circle or clip the right figure. Perfect activities for making a connection between numbers and their quantity, counting, writing the figures, speech development.

aurumn_math_ aurumn_math_activities aurumn_math_numbers autumn_math_

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