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5 Apr

There is bottle cap toddler learning activities which dear mother Sibel Kılınç prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Eray’ın Etkinlik Dünyası.


Bottle Cap Activities

bottle cap count and match game learning games with bottle caps matching games using bottle caps pattern activities using bottle caps

How we use these bottle caps?
– Tap out syllables of words
– Write letters or chunks on them and make words. Colored circle stickers are perfect size for bottle caps. Write
words/numbers before you try to stick them on. Its hard to write once they’ve been stuck to the cap
– Write words (person, place, things, actions) on each color and pull out to use as a writing prompt
– Write letters and make a scrabble game
– Write high frequency words and have kids create sentences (color code by parts of speech
– Elkonin Technique for hearing sounds of a given word. Pull down caps as each sound is heard
– Compound Word Matching Game
– Write words on caps and put them in ABC order
– Write sight words on lids and try to stack them in towers up as you read
more and more words
– Game pieces for sight word tic tac toe
– Make a hockey goal out of a small box.Kids read sight words or math facts written on lids. If they get it right they
can flick it across the table to try to score a goal
– Write days of the week and months of the year on lids and try to put in order
– Write numbers to 100 on lids for many different activities
– Pull two lids out and decide which is greater/less
– Put caps in number order
– Use to cover the matching number on a 100s chart
– Pull a cap out of a container and try to build that number with rods and units
– Make color patterns
– Glue coins to the top to make coins easier to manipulate. Great for students with special needs
– Use as manipulatives to show adding and subtracting
– Odd and Even Practice (Red=odd and Green=Even)
– Make a homemade abacus
– Glue magnets on back and use them to cast votes for polls and showing results on pictographs
– Write numbers on one color and operations on another color. Then create number sentences
– Sort by size, shape and color
– Write math facts on outside and answers on the inside
– Practice skip counting. Write numbers by 10s, 5s and 2s on lids and put in order
– Use like Tangram blocks. Create designs using different color caps
– Glue photos of student’s faces on lids.Pull out to call on students fairly
– Use as Bingo markers
– Earn bottle caps for good behavior. Win a soda when you earn a certain number of caps
– Use as replacement pawns for inside recess games
– Make a funky junk art frame by gluing caps around edges of cheap frame


Bottle Caps Arts and Crafts


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