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31 Jan

It was a spring morning. The sun was sending the sparkling golden lights to the Earth’s face.

A white butterfly came out of the cocoon that saw these rays that morning. They were very large and had thin white wings like tulle. He suddenly found himself among the flowers of a garden. First he went on a reconnaissance flight and wandered the garden. Then it was a red rose to rest.

When he was resting, he stitched his wings together. He looked around. He went to the greenery and watched for hours…

He was resting. It was time to roam, he had to live, he had a long time ahead of him. He flew to the trees. It’s in the flowers. He was happy, free. Everyone looked at him and said, “What a beauty.” From the flowers to the flower, from the branches to the branch. When the sun went down, he had a strange feeling about it.

Only one day was over. He looked around one last time. He dived into the sinking sun. And never woke up again

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