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10 Nov

Makeup cotton pads swan painting activity&fine motor activity Materials Needed: Makeup cotton pads Glue and scissors Red foam Colorful font carton Movable eyes Instructions: 1-Cutting Makeup Cotton pads  by scissors as a shape of heart is the first thing should be done. And then stick the Make-up Cotton pads on the carton font by glue. 2-After that your child will be able to paint it as much as they like. At the same time, your child can apply painting with syringe or drip cap for improvement of their fine motor skills. 3-My pretty daughter did painting on Make-up Cotton Pads as much... 

28 Oct

It is a shame to have to think about Christmas before Halloween is over,but such is the life of an always planning teacher! Every year my kids have a tree at school and we make ornaments to decorate it!This year we will have an African themed tree!Theses little elephants are sure to make it shine! Materials:Cardboard,pipe cleaner,colorful beads,colorful buttons and paints Today we learned the elephant and the bee song. I planned the activities I wanted to give the big – small concept. This song is really beautiful.Then we did the drama of the song. They dance and try to sing it along with... 

13 Oct

Unicorn craft ideas for kids The kids and I went to a fun graduation party hosted by our friends.Princess unicorn theme…all the kids decorated unicorn bokmarks…super cute!! Our unicorns came out adorable:) We made by paper plates I m instructing all the lunch meals and a couple crafts…today we did unicorns with paper rolls!This project was simple fun and got all the kids into a creative uproar(I have been thinking of setting up a seperate page for my meals…Cooking is a passion of mine and I often teach meals that are vegan and gluten free. The children came up with a... 

10 Oct

Lightbulb painting for kids What else could a lamp do other than to light it? Kids love to paint.We wanted to do something creative.My mind came to this idea. This page includes a lot of free light bulb painting art activity for preschool or homeschool.Do these art&activities with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free arts in this page. Enjoy… Penguins Chick Bees Puppets  

2 Oct

Owl craft preschool A family of owls created by our family….. these guys are about 2 years old!!! Thinking it is time to do some new ones, especially as the girls skill level is so much more advanced now.I love the little owls! So cute! Making the cutest stinking little owls out of construction paper,tissue paper, foam and felt. #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left:... 

20 Sep

Lamb craft ideas for kids The children made some adorable lamb today in.Oh those are cute. Do you guys have any idea what are these? I somehow managed to finally put it up,my daughter’s been eyeing on them and trying to help and of course the end result is bits and pieces,but overall we enjoyed crafting. These are fun and can keep your child engaged,we all know they get bored easily.What pretty lamb these are.These are super cute… The white one do you get it in the market:))   #gallery-11 { margin: auto; } #gallery-11 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:... 

2 Sep

Cat craft idea images for preschoolers Spending time creating with these most basic of art supplies helps build fine motor skills, encourages decision making skills, and builds self-confidence as the child manipulates basic material into a magnificent, imaginative creation We all know how much I love my cats .. so would have been rude not too:) You know when you’re working on a project and you can’t stop seeing it. Everywhere I look it’s been cats ALL week long.                       Still working on this beanbag cat, but I was just so happy how my lucky cats came... 

10 Aug

Bird craft ideas for preschoolers I took these pictures in a school.I took it without permission, but I did not know what to do:(               We have been working on these little guys for a little. Anyway these tropical birds were inspired by this adorable IKEA placemat and were made with cardboard ,tempera,watercolor ,oil pastel and feathers. Learning all about the When, Why, and Where birds make their nests and the “What” materials they use to make them. Bird craft and art ideas for kids Spring birdhouse craft ideas #gallery-12 { margin: auto; } #gallery-12... 

29 Jul

Sea animals craft ideas for kids Jellyfish!Painted using tissue paper.Place bits of tissue paper on the jellyfish template spray with water let dry peel tissue paper off cut out attach tentacles.Year one did such a fantastic job. The beginning of our rainbow fish display… CD fish project Really enjoyed making these jelly fish today.                                 Whale craft ideas    

18 Jul

Aquarium crafts for preschoolers Aquarium with plants and of course fish.Great crea day with stay-at-home parents and children. Materials: Shoes boxes or cardboards Foam or felt Pipe cleaner Wiggly eyes                                    

13 Jul

Frog craft ideas for preschoolers One happy boy, he finally made his froggy what he missed in the school cause of the chicken pox (and he was desperate for it)       Here is a really fun letter of the week craft if you are working on learning all about green color.With your preschooler. Your kiddo can make their very own frog while learning the sounds and fine motor skills.               Frog craft ideas for preschoolers        

7 Jul

Cheetah craft ideas for preschoolers This page has cheetah craft and art activities for kids.Making a mask with your child can be a useful activity that enhances your art and craft skills as well as fun.Whether at school or in a costume birthday party, the masks provides you to have fun while doing and while wearing it.Preschool mask activities are a useful activity to get to know colors better and improve fine motor skills.Making a mask activity for children depends on your drawing skills.If you have the skill in this, you can draw your own mask on the cardboard, cut out the paper from lines,...