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17 Oct

Elephant craft idea for preschoolers What color is the filler? Gray? The filler gray color that lives in the soil. But art does not have such classic patterns. In a work of art everything can be in every color and shape. We will make a red elephant today. Read elephant stories to support this activity. Benefits:Hand-eye coordination, small muscle development, aesthetic sensation. Materials:Construction papers,toilet paper roll,paper or plastic plate,red pipe cleaner,tissue papers(for elmer)        

15 Oct

One day the crocodile walked on the way and it scared the other animals walking on the road.In fact, the crocodile was very good, friendly and it is looking for a friend but it don’t find. The elephant, the lizard, the snake, the rabbit, the chicken, and the rhinoceros were immediately escaping when they see it.The crocodile was very sorry about it, but the crocodile don’t get angry to them because the crocodile was thinking “I was really scary.” The crocodile was always traveling alone. He could not find a friend to tell his secrets about his life and have fun with him.He... 

4 Oct

Seahorse fine motor activity for kids What you need: Pencil and scissors Grey construction paper Yarn and puncher First we draw a sea horse.Then we punch holes.Let’s prepare the yarns Now, develop the fine motor skills.My daughter loves it very much.Fingers worked hard.  Eric carle thanks a lot. My daughter loves you  

3 Oct

Handprint fish craft for preschool,toddlers Need to get on that properly today. (Although we did take time to make a family handprint art activity) .There were some things worth doing – I put out two very short blog posts and spent about an hour editing a much much longer one until my editing revealed a problem with the structure I have to fix. What you need: Construction paper Paints Googly eyes and fork A little hand:) My daughter made this art activity together with the aunt.Because art loves its activities.Firstly, she went to the activity room and found the paints.These two handprint... 

2 Oct

Ocean theme handprint crab artwork This week was all about the ocean animals that live in the deep blue sea! It was so much fun! Materials: Blue construction paper Paints Two little hands Googly eyes Brush Firstly, we prepared the materials we need.Then I painted my daughter’s hands. We used orange paint. My daughter joined the two hands and pressed the paper. Now we are making eyes. Let’s do ornaments with brush now  

2 Oct

Handprint elephant art for homeschool,kindergarten My beautiful daughter has a wonderful aunt. She is a teacher at the moment. She lives in a remote place. She comes to us at the holidays every year. My daughter is always doing activities with her. She was at the time of handprinting. Mother elephant and baby elephant handprint art activity.You can easily do it and hang your wall .We are not asleep 🙂 The materials are very easy. Paper and blue paint is enough.You can enlarge the pictures. There are other activities on the pages.Thanks my sister thanks my daughter #gallery-3 { margin:... 

28 Sep

We decided to make a bunny at home with my daughter. There are plenty of toilet rolls in our house. I have to use these. Let’s see how we do now. Materials: Green construction paper White paper Glue/scisssors and oencil Toilet paper roll I use a pair of scissors to cut the coils. It looks like a rabbit. Now let’s use our green paper.     Look, my bunny is ready. It looks very beautiful. Easter is approaching.  

28 Sep

We decided to make an elephant at home with my daughter. There are plenty of toilet rolls in our house. I have to use these. Let’s see how we do now. What you need: Blue construction paper or colorful paper Toilet paper roll Glue and pencil or googly eyes Firstly, we cover the blue paper on the toilet rollers. Now we’re sticking the elephant head at toilet rolls     After we have done our eyes, we have finished our elephant craft activity. You can do it in googly eyes. These are our other animals. The all was made of toilet roll.  

28 Sep

We decided to make a lion at home with my daughter. There are plenty of toilet rolls in our house. I have to use these. Let’s see how we do now. What you need: Orange paper Toilet paper rolls Pencil and glue/scissors Firstly, we cover the orange(I do not know that color:) paper on the toilet rollers.Let’s do the tail These are for the tail mane. Look, the lion is ready for our craft activity. Eyes,mouth,and nose.It finished.      

10 Jun

Owl finger puppet handmade gift This page includes owl puppet for kids,preschoolers,kindergarten.I thank my student(Ege) for these creative puppet. This weekend by looking at the easy puppet productions with your child; You can make puppet from Chenille, puppet with Spoon, puppet with Felt, and sock puppets. You can improve your child’s social-emotional development area, creativity skills, verbal expression and language development with puppets that are prepared with puppet-making specimens. Felt pillow book for toddlers #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item... 

25 May

This page contains activities we made for bee themed. Materials: Bottle caps Construction papers Flowers Toilet paper rolls Bee puzzle cards Pipe cleaner and buckle Our first activity is the ones we made from the bottle caps.And bee puzzle. Here too, the beehive we made using toilet paper rolls.And cardboard bee poster Do you have a bee crown? My daughter loved it. We used pipe cleaners and buckle for ıts. We did this from the toilet paper roll. This is the ornamental side of the job. My daughter loves the flowers.Bees too. Creative activities for toddlers There is fun activities dear... 

25 Apr

Bee fine motor skills and learning activities What you need: Construction papers Scissors and glue Foam White yarn It’s a great activity you can do at home. My sister and my daughter have done it together. I did not think about a fine motor activity. We wrap around and work our finger muscles. We take our yellow construction papers and cut them in oval shape to make bees.     The second stage we stick these papers together.     Now let’s decorate with black papers. Let’s make the eyes of pen.         Now we are ready.So cute.     In this part of our activity we will...