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21 Nov

Caterpillar Sensory Box This page includes caterpillar sensory box for butterfly theme prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Have fun:) What you need: Plastic fruits(banana,watermelon,apple,pear,peach and  apricot) Pom poms(for caterpillar) Small rocks Tray Leaves and flowers Sand Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Table for Toddlers This page contains hungry caterpillar sensory table that our dear mother, Hilal Acar Yılmaz, prepares for her beautiful princess. We thank her so much for sharing one more beautiful activity than the other with us. You can follow this beautiful princess from 

19 Nov

Frog Life Cycle Sensory Bin for Toddlers A frog lifecycle today using green water beads,googly eyes,frog and turtle figures, flowers,some rocks and greenery from around the house and our tadpoles and frogs from Frog Sensory Bin My girl is doing the frog life cycle at preschool and is loving watching the little tadpoles grow, dragging me to the tank every time we are there with squeals of delight. So I thought I would see if I could make the preschool a little something fun! . We worked on frog life cycles.We made these cute little frogs to go along with our frog life cycle sensory bin.Making... 

16 Nov

Homeschool animals puppet craft ideas Fun with animals finger puppets. Meet bunny,cow,frog,dog,than and chick.Had so much fun this morning pretending to be bunny and chick and ….! It was great Puppets are a fantastic tool for young kids to engage in undirected free play, use their imagination, simply have fun! What you need: Felt Scissors and glue Cardboard theater Finished the first puppet crafts They came out soooo cute:)