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15 Mar

Hungry caterpillar craft and art ideas for kids We read drilled our words,answered questions,and threw glitter on our craft today. I prepped the caterpillars before therapy,but left off one pom pom.The kiddos used my completed caterpillar to tell me which color they needed. The class sequencing activity with The Very Hungry Caterpillar caught a lot of attention at our school.My students were so excited to know that their work was shared on the Internet. The very hungry caterpillar.Love these kinds of art activities where we can observe how each child interprets an image. The Very Hungry Caterpillar... 

15 Mar

Sunflower craft and art ideas preschoolers A handful of sunshine and sunflowers Paper plates sunflower craft ideas for kids This art work was inspired by the big got to choose how to express their creativeness by either using paints,oil pastels or collage… Learning about nature through play as we planted our sunflower seeds and painting Painted a paper plate yellow and added orange and yellow strips. The sun follower says to these flowers. What a beautiful     Sunflower craft ideas for kids Learning about nature through play as we planted our sunflower seeds and painting the... 

11 Mar

Paper roll frog painting We use paint ,brush and toilet paper rolls as material.Firstly, we cut the rolls and glue them on cardboard. Now we start painting. Here’s the frog. I think it’s so cute.We can dance with the frog song.My daughter loves to painting artworks How to make a frog mask with painting…?I didn’t make this mask mold. It was a free addition to a magazine I received.My daughter painted as shown in the picture  

10 Mar

Sponge printing and painting activities for kindergarten I don’t think there’s a day my daughter’s hand brushes. Always ready-made paints at the table. First I bought a two-year-old coloring book. Then the 3-year-old coloring book. When you want a full page, I rip out a picture from these books. It’s usually painted with watercolors. I’ve had a long time painting with something else in mind. But what could it be? I finally found it. Sponge. My daughter was going to love this.       Preschool art project: Sponge painted train craft for kids #gallery-2... 

9 Mar

Fingerprint ant activities for kids An activity of making ant nest out of finger print How to make an ant nest? Ants are the most hardworking creatures in nature. They spend their lives with working all summer and resting underground in winter. We, as teachers, should present the nature to our students as it is. Most of the students know little about the lives of ants. We wonder how many of our students have seen an ant nest before? Ants work symmetrically without spoiling the order. They can carry the objects that are ten times bigger than themselves. Sometimes they build tunnels, bridges on their... 

6 Mar

Pinecone painting for preschoolers or toddlers A cool painting technique that makes great textures… painting with pinecones. The pine cone painting artwork is a great idea for Christmas.Just go into the jungle and collect the pine cones. This activities is great.So cute.          On our nature walk we collected pinecones and plenty of them.We come home to wash and dry them.The next day we spent painting and decorating with glitter.This is our finishing product. Door decoration pine cone painting  

4 Mar

Printmaking art for toddlers,kindergarten Painting our hands is a favorite in our house! So any chance we can incorporate painted hands into our weekly activities is a win for my little one! And printmaking artwork. What we love most. Creative Printmaking Art                            Printmaking artwork  

20 Feb

Handprint artwork ideas for preschoolers Little kids made surprises with different hand prints for the art day. Little kids who used the colors of orange, blue, red and other colors painted their hands with the help of their teachers and took out the hand prints on the papers. the little ones will exhibit at the art day event that takes place at the weekend.        Handprint owl art idea for kids Handprint art is always the cutest! ”Owl” made from my daughter’s hand prints make wonderful keepsakes.How cute is this I love it. #gallery-4 { margin:... 

19 Feb

Cotton pads craft and art ideas for preschool and homeschool With make-up cleansing cotton, different and beautiful crafts can be prepared. The materials we need: Makeup cleansing cotton(cotton pads),paints,construction paper,glue and scissors.                             Craft ideas with cotton pads Applications made of cotton pads. More excellent ideas that are extremely good for sensory stimulation, fine motor skills, speech, thinking.                                                                                        ... 

18 Feb

Footprint art projects for toddlers Valentine day theme artwors.Cute little footprint keepsake for a loved one. . All you need is one foot, red paint, 2 google eyes and a black sharpie. Such great fun celebrating a birthday whilst being away. The magic of footprint art was once again used to make this special little brothers footprint into a snowmobile.Awesome:)    This evening we made frog prints before dinner! They turned out spool cute!A pairs of frogs. This is what we decided to make for grandparents’ gifts, I’m so glad I let the girls decorate their LADYGUGS by themselves!  ... 

17 Feb

Toilet paper roll stamps for toddlers,kids This was quite fun! My little one is a little too little too artwork and do this on her own. So I helped tape while she picked where each piece would go. There was a lot of trial and error and test runs with flying “hamsters” everywhere but that is the fun of it! .My daughter and my students love its.                          

14 Feb

Stamp painting ideas for kids This page includes alot of free stamp painting art idea for kids.Do these painting with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free painting and arts in this page. Mail: