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14 Mar

Snowman button counting game This page includes  a counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our winter theme.We have fun 🙂 What a better way to start the day than this great activity combining fine motor skills and counting. I prepared the snowman using the background paper, I put the googly eyes on the play. I put the number stamps on the popstick. My daughter put the buttons on the snowman of what number snowman’s hat came :)This is a super fun counting activity that all little snowman will love.Your kids will stay busy with this one a long time! #gallery-1 { margin:... 

10 Mar

Homeschool fun spring theme flower  counting activities Mathematical concepts take place in all areas of pre-school education programs.Playing with blocks, garden games, music, table activities, language activities, drama, science and nature activities can be a mathematics education environment.These environments help children to gain experience and learn more easily in the future. Concepts such as numbers, counting, sets, addition and subtraction, division-multiplication operations, as well as spatial positions such as shapes, weight, volume, position and direction, time and money are learned... 

9 Mar

Ice cream counting activities for kids This page includes  a counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We have fun 🙂 In teaching mathematical concepts; fun math activities, game materials and play activities that support the child’s mathematical development should be used.This plan should include primarily concrete objects, then illustrated, eventually containing symbolic material. By discovering, explaining, solving problems and using structuralist teaching methods, mathematics education will be enjoyable and effective. Child-family business association at an early age is... 

1 Mar

This page includes some math activities with prepared  by me for my sweet girl:) In this post:pencil holder making,pattern activity,number recognition. Our pencil holder from toilet paper rolls; Pattern activities with paper cups; Sticker counting sticks; Creative math games for kids There are fun math activities which dear mother Zekiye Genç Alaca prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Alaca Bebeğin Oyun Günlüğü. Have fun! Matching and sorting Number recognition Play... 

16 Feb

Counting Watermelon Seeds This page includes  counting watermelon seeds game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.The popular fruit of summer is watermelon.Abundant juicy taste. Today we will have a watermelon math activity together. A proposal in the foreground Let your child remove the seeds from the watermelon slice you put on the watermelon seedling. So you have been supporting both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.It’s our activity. With this activity, you can support your child’s hand-eye coordination and math skills. We have fun 🙂    

14 Jan

Our Activities with Unifix Cubes We started talking about pattern today! These unifix cube and number cards are a great way to introduce the strategy “use manipulatives” to solve addition sentences. They will be added to my addition activities this weekend. Counting unifix cubes while building towers; Number towers , superbly simple and superbly effective at determining exactly who knows their numbers! Most did 1-10 and the extension cookies did 11-20, grouping towers in tens. Even ordering the numbers was an eye-opener.Great for counting, counting on, adding and all sorts of number... 

26 Dec

Corn math activity and corn crafts In this page, there is an activity for my girl that I prepare to repeat numbers and shapes. First we toss the number dice, then we put the dot sticker on that number. Then the other shapes on the sticker saying the name and paste it on the shapes on the corn.I have drawn the corn picture myself. You can also draw the lines or use the template.All you need; a paper,a pencil and dot stickers.Have fun !    

25 Dec

Feed the Shark Number Game My daughter loves to feed the animals. So I prepared her such a math activity. She was both entertained and learned 🙂 What you need: Paper plate Scissors Glue/tape Blue construction paper Slicon Slicon gun Foam paper Jumbo tweezers First, I cut the triangles around the plastic plate to make the shape in the picture. I draw the shape of the shark from blue background paper and cut it. I folded the mouth twice which I prepared on a plastic plate, and glued it to the blue shark craft with silicone.I glued the googly eyes with silicone. I prepare fishes with colorful... 

18 Dec

Fishing Game for Numbers It was a fun math activity that promoted hand-eye coordination development and reinforced the numbers 🙂I used blue sand on the ground. After I cut the fish, I put a paperclip on the tip. my daughter caught the fish that belonged to the number I said. “Fishing Game for Numbers”  sheets;  

8 Dec

Penguin Shape Match Fun This page includes a penguin craft with toilet paper rolls prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun!  This is a math  exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target. Here is how we made the penguins. Firstly,we cover our rolls with black background paper. Then we make the body part with white background paper. We create the mouth part by following the steps in the picture. We prepare each of the rolls in this way. Now we gluing the feet. Then the wings Here is how we made the fishes. First... 

26 Nov

Homeschool sorting activity Cute foams sorting activity to develop concentration, the coordination of the movements and of course language and fine motor skills. Sorting activity with foams and handy scooper. My daughter one is down with a stomach bug 🙁 Super cranky  This activity lasted for only lasted for 15 min though. What you needed: Container Cup cake liners Handy scooper Beans    

17 Nov

Homeschool matching game activity winter theme Simple activity! I cut out snowflakes from colored paper. She had to match the “snowflakes” she had a lot of fun doing it too!It is an winter theme matching game! I put the matching snowflakes pieces in a plastic tray and let her find and match. This was a fun matching game of expressions, and an excuse to play with snowflakes..who doesn’t love winter? I have yet to meet a toddler that doesn’t love winter….lots and lots of winter. Materials;   White and blue felt Scissors Activity pictures(snowflake printables) Steps;                 This...