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16 Apr

My son 4.5 year old boy. I hope you continue to grow to be a wild free spirited, free thinker. Your intelligence and imagination stop me in my tracks.We made a cardboard tractor.So cute. Materials: Cardboard box Glue and scissors Construction paper and aluminium foil Let’s first find a cardboard box.The construction steps are shown in the pictures. All I see when I look at this pictures is you! 😊 made me smile…you have a beautiful little boy:) What you need: Two cardboard box Circle cardboard (for the wheel) Tape and glue/scissors Steering wheel Yellow,black and green... 

12 Apr

Make your own fizzing fossil dınosaur eggs This page includes fossil dinosaur eggs with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our dinosaur theme. To Make Fızzıng Fossıl Dınosaur Eggs You Wıll Need Baking Soda (Bicarbonate Soda) Water Brown Food Colouring or coffee Baking Tray Small plastic dinosaurs (if you can get small plastic dinosaur skeletons even better) Vinegar Syringe, dropper or spray Fizzing Fossil Dinosaur Eggs In a large bowl add your baking soda and some of the brown food colouring or coffee– adding the food colouring will give the eggs a more stone like appearance.Gradually... 

31 Mar

Paper clip fine motor activity for homeschool The fine motor skills are the movements of the hand and finger muscles,For example; writing, painting, cutting with scissors, tying the shoes, close the zipper, hair crawling, eating with a cutlery. For hand-eye coordination, as well as the development of fine motor skills, visual attention is also very important. Activities on the development of fine motor skills in the pre-school period will have a positive impact on the literacy process starting in primary school. I also prepared this activity to support the development of fine motor skills for my... 

14 Mar

Snowman button counting game This page includes  a counting game with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our winter theme.We have fun 🙂 What a better way to start the day than this great activity combining fine motor skills and counting. I prepared the snowman using the background paper, I put the googly eyes on the play. I put the number stamps on the popstick. My daughter put the buttons on the snowman of what number snowman’s hat came :)This is a super fun counting activity that all little snowman will love.Your kids will stay busy with this one a long time! #gallery-2 { margin:... 

25 Feb

Snowman Baking Soda Science Activity This page includes a science activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. This winter snowman baking soda science activity is loads of sensory fun and learning.This snowman baking soda science activity uses simple ingredients for science sensory play. Supplıes Needed: small plastic cups baking soda vinegar water black beads orange foam paper {for noises} glitter and sequins {optional} food coloring {optional}  

15 Jan

Styrofoam Ball Octopus Craft A great fun activity for our ocean theme.We placed this balls in the center of a construction paper and draw 8 wiggly legs. Then we cut out the octopuses legs.Ceren painted foam balls with purple finger paint. Finally we put the googly eyes on the foam balls. Materials Needed; Fun Foam Balls Purple paper Googly eyes Scissors/Glue Purple paint Sequins  

30 Dec

Fun bird egg color matching activities for children In this page there is an activity for my daughter to improve colors under the theme of birds. This activity is an activity that contributes to the development of hand-eye coordination as well as daily life skills. The better the hand-eye coordination of children develop, the better they can use their hands. Children who can not use are forced to fulfill their daily life skills as well as the school life is affected negatively and it is difficult to write. The lack of self-confidence caused by academic failure negatively affects the child’s... 

26 Dec

Corn math activity and corn crafts In this page, there is an activity for my girl that I prepare to repeat numbers and shapes. First we toss the number dice, then we put the dot sticker on that number. Then the other shapes on the sticker saying the name and paste it on the shapes on the corn.I have drawn the corn picture myself. You can also draw the lines or use the template.All you need; a paper,a pencil and dot stickers.Have fun !    

16 Dec

Homemade fine motor material which I prepared for my girl Because of that my daughter don’t like to touch the juicy things, I have prepared this material in order to develop her fine motor skills and eye – hand coordination. I added this material to the educational material part, because it really helps us in the view of development of fine motor skills. We have started from big objects to the small objects gradually as you can see in these pictures. We have proceeded from the simple one to the difficult. Production of the material is so easy. A stropor which can be found in the accessories... 

2 Dec

A breathing game with rolls By practicing child breathing techniques, the brain’s brain respiratory tract can be trained for a higher performance. It makes perfect transport of oxygen to the tissues. In this case, the brain, which is provided with sufficient oxygen and sugar, works at full capacity in the developing child. It is in the best condition for ease of learning, concentration, motivation and memory usage. The child’s learning limit at the school is at the highest level. Supplies; Rolls Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Cardboard Pipette Pompoms First we cut the toilet paper... 

28 Nov

Sift activity for toddlers This page includes “Sifting Salt and Rice”  activity with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our autumn theme.This is a practical life exercise. The child is developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target, and fine motor skills. Materials: Rainbow rice and salt or flour mix Spoon Colander Small bowls  

28 Nov

Apple transfer activity for toddlers Materials: Tongs and tray Apples Paint palette I set up a simple transfer activity for my daughter this afternoon. She was very interested in transferring with the hands at first but quickly switched to the tongs, which are a favorite tool around here. She enjoyed this transfer activity My little princess said:Mom ,I finished.