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17 Feb

Toilet paper roll stamps for toddlers,kids This was quite fun! My little one is a little too little too artwork and do this on her own. So I helped tape while she picked where each piece would go. There was a lot of trial and error and test runs with flying “hamsters” everywhere but that is the fun of it! .My daughter and my students love its.                          

14 Feb

Stamp painting ideas for kids This page includes alot of free stamp painting art idea for kids.Do these painting with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free painting and arts in this page. Mail:  

11 Feb

Fly swatter painting activities for homeschool and preschoolers That is an awesome idea.Can’t wait to try this! My nearly 3 year old is gonna freak…my husband not so much when he discovers we’ve stolen his fly swatters ..what is bit with men and swatting flies.Loving the coloursMaterials:fly swat and paints.                    

6 Feb

Fireworks painting activity for kids This page includes alot of free fireworks painting art ideas for kids.Do these painting with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free painting and arts in this page. Mail: Toilet paper roll fireworks painting activities I was so pleased with our firework art today following our ‘firework in a jar’ science experiment yesterday! Each and every piece was diffirent and the kids loved it.  

1 Feb

Name art activity for kids Children’s literacy skills include name-writing skills, name awareness. Writing their own name, recognition is a skill that shows significant and meaningful activity and developmental maturity for children. This page contains a name awareness activity for my daughter. You can improve your children’s skills in this area with similar activities. Enjoy!!! CONSTRUCTION: First, the desired color is printed on a cardboard. Afterwards, the letters drawn with the help of a knife or scissors are cut off by force. Using double-sided tape or other glues, cardboard... 

29 Jan

Mister seahorse book craft ideas for preschoolers,toddlers Seahorse craft ideas using paper or plastic plate,scrap papers,real leaves colours, hand painted, hand crafted.. Would look stylish on any wall inside or outside your home or school.My daughter loves Eric carle seahorse books.                        

4 Dec

With cotton pads, different and beautiful activities can be prepared. When you use different materials, the interest of the children to the activity increases considerably. The flower which I made from the cotton pads was one of the activities that we made very fondly. What you need: Cotton pads White paper Glue Finger paint Black marker Firstly, let’s draw a flower and a vase. Afterwards, cotton pads are glued on the flowers as shown in the picture. And coloring begins. We have put our activity which we have done very lovingly in our panos. Art idea and activity for toddlers #gallery-2... 

28 Nov

This activity we have made using toilet paper rolls has turned into an entertaining picture work. Sizes can make such activities at school at home and at home can contribute to visual intelligence of minors. What you need: Toilet paper rolls Green paper or carton Turkey,cat,lion,turtle printable Glue/scissors and paints Firstly, cut the rolls.And sticking it in the tail section of the turkey picture. My daughter started painting turkey first Now let’s paint the tail in different colors. Is it a bad coloring?My daughter wanted to be like this. I did not interfere with her:)  

27 Nov

Paper roll flower art and cupcake liner spring craft I painted the flower we made from rolls in a fun way. While I was working, my beautiful daughter had a lot of fun and I saw that she developed the fine motor painting skills.We forgot to write the history of the activity art :)) November 26, 2016 …Benefits:creativity,arts and fine motor skills. What you need: White paper Toilet paper rolls Glue and scissors Colorful marker   I think it was a successful art work.The toilet rolls found in the house now look nice to the eye. Creative cupcake liner flowers ideas #gallery-3... 

26 Oct

Grape counting activity with plastic bottle caps Materials; paper,bottle caps,white square labels How to make;Draw a picture of a grape on paper.Make dots in different numbers to the grapes.Write numbers on the white square labels  with pen and paste them on bottle caps. Activity application; the dots on the grape grains is counted and how many of it is located on the bottle cap and placed on it.Mathematical activities that you create using different materials in this way your child to have fun. We have prepared counting activity using caterpillar and grape picture. You can prepare different activities... 

20 Oct

Pirate ship craft ideas The pirate ship’s crew rely on their captains very much, and they love their ships, despite all their difficulties. Sometimes blue sometimes green they love this sea. Especially when the sea is calm, it’s the most fun place in the world. The little crew climb up the high-sail poles and leave them to the cool waters. The sea will not only entertain them, but also nourish them.They supplies the food from the sea, cooks in the sun, places in the moonlight. After they went after their sad sea, the little ship now became a pirate ship. With a story you tell, these... 

18 Oct

Preschool fish craft ideas Happy weeks! We are swimming into summer and can’t believe this was our last week of seeing kids before summer break.We did this cute and easy fish craft ideas with our preschoolers and kindergateners to work on cutting skills and creativity skills. We made handprint fish art.I love this!! My girl keeps buying these art paints we never have ideas, this is solo cute! Thanks:) This adorable “aquarium” is one of the final projects being displayed at C’s school.              I am a little fish,I like to swim.You can not catch me,because I...