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24 Nov

Christmas Pre-Writing Activity
We offer you funny exercises for fine motor writing skills in Christmas mood. On one hand we will prepare hand for writing and on the other hand we will prepare us for amazing coming holidays, we will tell about them and we will develop speech too. Cut and laminate our strips. We ordered them with increasing level of difficulty. We apply our familiar technique tracing the lines. With absolute beginners start tracing with their fingers, then use marker. With advancers use paper copies and pencil.

Christmas_pre-writing_activity_ Christmas_pre-writing_activity_1 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_2 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_3 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_4 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_5 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_6 (2) Christmas_pre-writing_activity_6 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_7 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_8 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_9 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_11 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_12 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_13 Christmas_pre-writing_activity_14

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