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27 Apr

This page contains colored flowers that our dear mother, Hilal Acar Yılmaz, prepares for her beautiful princess. We thank her so much for sharing one more beautiful activity than the other with us. You can follow this beautiful princess from fun!

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Want to see flowers change colour right before your eyes? It looks like magic but is full of the wonder of science! To try this simple science experiment you will need

  • white flowers – chrysanthemums or carnations are good
  • small vases or cups
  • water
  • food colouring
  • craft knife (optional)
  • stopwatch/clock (optional)

To begin your colour changing experiment you’ll need some water mixed with food colouring.Set up a few different vases so you can try several different colours. Place a flower stem in each vase and watch and wait to see what happens.

If you’d like to try a colour mixing experiment, use a craft knife to very carefully slice one of your flower stalks in half, cutting just part way up the stalk so the top remains intact. Then place each section of the cut stalk into a different vase of coloured water.

The flowers are drinking the coloured water from the vase. Plants take up water through roots and, in this experiment, through their stalks using tubes called xylem. The water passes up through the stalk to the top of the plant, and into the petals. Any colour that is present in the water transfers to the plant too, which is why you can see the colour of your flowers changing.

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