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6 Apr

Cut and paste printables 

Cut and paste fine motor activities for kıds

for beginners
Cut the small parts-if the child could do this, let him manage with cutting without your help. Introduce the pictures one by one. With absolute beginners you could sort the necessary parts for each application, for more advanced children-let them do this without your support. It is good activity for space orientation too-e.g. Give some instruction to the child where to put the different parts of the application-on the table, up, on the left etc. Excellent activity for fine motor skills, speech-grammar, narrative and conversational skills, attention. For hearing imparted children this activity is very useful for speech development, hearing perception and lip reading.

Cut and paste printables

animal cut and paste activity fısh cut and paste activity pastcut and paste activity rain cut and paste activity spring butterfly cut and paste activity spring cut and paste activity spring tree cut and paste activity table cut and paste activity train cut and paste activity tree christmas cut and paste activity

Shapes cut and paste activities


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