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17 Oct

My daughter loves these worksheets. Follow the numbers before then coloring. Already a coloring monster. He even opened a youtube channel.
Crayon, watercolor or felt-tip paint loves them all. More information about math. Still likes to play with numbers. In the evening, number games. By the way, he learned to play chess.

So our children can do this without straining worksheets.Get out and have a good time:)

animals-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages cat-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages dog-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages duck-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages elephant-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages fish-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages grape-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages jobs-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages lion-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages snail-dot-to-dot-coloring-pages

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