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18 Jan

Fall cork painting artwork for preschool or kindergarten

Fall cork painting. With the signs of fall around us,today we set out an invitation to paint fall(autumn) trees with corks.We presented some fall paint colors and corks of different sizes to paint with.Painting with different objects is a great change for children to create in a different way by expanding their imagination.Art engages children’s senses in an open-ended way and supports the devolepment of cognitive,social-emotional and multi-sensory skills.Art will continuously provide opportunities for brain devolepment,mastery,self-esteem and confidence in themselves as a whole.While choosing the different corks that came in different sizes,they were enhancing their fine motor development,hand-eye coordination and control,and continuing sensory exploration with the paint.While the children created their own patterns and mixing the colors onto the paper they explored cause and effect,color recognition and math.

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