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2 Feb



Homeschool lego math activity

A Math tutor once told me that it is impt for children to memorize the multiplication table when they start primary school (elementary school), and I was prepared to do that. After all, that was how I learned.

  •  Every child is different and hence learn differently.

We should not use a one size fits all method to teach them, and neither should we teach them the way we are taught if we are different types of learners.
Upon reflection, I realized I should have known this since I was a teacher, and I consider myself to be an educator. Yet I’m so hard on my own kids.

This week, we did things quite differently. We stopped focusing on content, and started playing. C1 loves Lego and so twice this week, we’ve done Math using Lego. In these pics, we were doing multiplication using logic through play and not pure memorization.
And after awhile, he actually got it. He found a pattern without me telling him, and that to me is a huge step forward.

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