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18 Nov

Let’s count the apples
For beginners
This the first one of both Maths activity. The connection between figure and value are divided into two actions that makes their discrimination easier.
Print and laminate the worksheets. Let the child make red play dough “apples” and the game starts. Make the child put the same number of apples as the figure of each tree. Good, funny and helpful activity for numbering, making a connection between figure and its value, fine motor skills, colors.

Let's_count_the_apples_ Let's_count_the_apples_aktivities Let's_count_the_apples_eight Let's_count_the_apples_fıve Let's_count_the_apples_nine Let's_count_the_apples_numbers Let's_count_the_apples_seven Let's_count_the_apples_siz Let's_count_the_apples_ten Let's_count_the_apples1


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