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21 Oct

Mother’s day gift ideas craft for preschoolers

Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day… Done!! I want them all!!’ We used acrylic paints to paint the pots and old art work to make the flowers. The girls are very proud of their garden.These are really sweet!They will love them.

Happy Mother’s Day!!
Our sweet little Mother’s Day flowers we made yesterday from construction paper and bottle


egg-cartoon-gift gift-for-mothers mother-s-day-bag-craft mother-s-day-bottle-craft mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-1 mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-2 mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-3 mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-4 mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-5 mother-s-day-flowers-gift-craft-6 mother-s-day-flowers mother-s-day-gift-ideas-1 mother-s-day-gift-ideas-1  mother-s-day-gift

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