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16 Dec

We offer you funny exercises for fine motor writing skills. On one hand we will prepare hand for writing and on the other hand we will prepare us for the winter, we will tell about them and we will develop speech too. Print and laminate the worksheets. We apply our familiar technique tracing the lines. With absolute beginners start tracing with their fingers, then use marker. With advancers use paper copies and pencil.      

16 Dec

Number Fishing and Matching Game This page includes “Number Fishing and Matching Game”  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our ocean theme.  Use ping-pong balls to practise numbers and  with a fun fishing and matching game.  

16 Dec

Because of that my daughter don’t like to touch the juicy things, I have prepared this material in order to develop her fine motor skills and eye – hand coordination. I added this material to the educational material part, because it really helps us in the view of development of fine motor skills. We have started from big objects to the small objects gradually as you can see in these pictures. We have proceeded from the simple one to the difficult. Production of the material is so easy. A stropor which can be found in the accessories shop easily are divided into twıo pieces, and you... 

15 Dec

Q-Tip Painting with Templates This page includes painting activity with prepared  by me for my students.We have fun!       Activity pages;      

14 Dec

Quiet Book Numbers This page includes a felt book learning number prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun!            

14 Dec

Mother is Everywhere  This page includes sensory bin  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. To learn about sensory bins, you need to know what one is! The simplest definition for us is a tactile experience in a contained area such as a storage container. A sensory bin is a simple container filled with a preferred filler in quantity. Our favorites include craft sand, birdseed, rice and water! The container should be large enough to let your child explore without moving the filler out of the container.  A sensory bin can be easily switched for an unique or novel experience every time! Sensory... 

14 Dec

Complete The Puzzle This page includes a  activity  prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun! You’ve probably heard that puzzles are good for your child’s mind and cognitive development; in fact, you may have received puzzles as baby shower or new baby gifts. But why are puzzles considered helpful to a child’s mental development? Here are some reasons. The World Around Them;Psychologists have determined that a child’s brain development is influenced significantly when a child acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Puzzles provide that key opportunity. Children... 

14 Dec

Key Shadow Matching This page includes a shadow matching activity  prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun! The shadow matching worksheets will challenge your child’s visual discrimination skills by asking  to match a full-color picture to its all-black shadow. Activity pictures;  

13 Dec

The Concept Cubes/The Colourful Towers This page includes the concept cubes that i prepared for my daughter. With the help of these concept cubes, which are colourful towers as well- you can learn not only  primary and secondary colours but also  such concepts as animals,fruits, vegetables, clothes, objects around us etc.  By using the concept cubes, you can deal with the concept “size” and help child’s sequencing skills to improve. Also ,you can  create a great activity for language development  by making  up stories about the objects on the concept cubes .we are having  great fun. Materials; Cardboard White... 

11 Dec

Our Felt Activity Book This page includes a quiet book  prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We had so much fun! Quiet book … soft book … busy book … cloth book … They go by many names but the idea is the same. A quiet book  is a series of fabric “pages” containing quiet activities to entertain small children. Quiet books can be made for any age children. I have seen books for babies with fun, contrasting imagery as well as books for older children containing pieces and game boards. The typical target age range for quiet books is about two to five, focusing on skills like matching,... 

10 Dec

Shoebox Ocean Diorama This page includes “Shoebox Ocean Diorama”  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our ocean theme.  

9 Dec

Our Arctic Sensory Bin This page includes “Arctic Sensory Bin”  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our winter theme. Here is how I made the ıgloo. Supplies; Sugar cubes Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Funnel      

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