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14 Jun

Wooden spoon puppets ideas for kids The girl’s finished puppets!!! my daughter two on the left…. C just decided to make hers!! Love them! We will be making more of these!! Thanks again, pinterest!! Great inspiring social website post, as always! Great inspiration!! We needed something this afternoon…. So many .99 cent stores around! Not sure what my daughter was thinking exactly but this was my direction from her with the hot glue gun!!! Thanks!:) These are brilliant! Well done girls. I also thought the one on the right had rollers in!! Too cute:)   #gallery-1 { margin:... 

13 Jun

City project ideas for school Materials: Cartoon box Cardboards Silicon gun or adhesive Ornaments (rock,pinecone,leaves etc)                                  Homemade city There is homemade city which dear mother Zekiye Genç Alaca prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Alaca Bebeğin Oyun Günlüğü. Have fun!    

12 Jun

Angry birds craft ideas for preschoolers I like the colours of this group photo of angry birds and paper plate crafts.The birds maybe Angry but these kids are adorable 🙂                       This is another small yet useful craft activity.Can use it to contain paper clips or safety pins etc. Pull up the feather attached on top open the cap of the container.     Angry birds math ativities;puzzle,pattern,addition,counting,small-big .  

11 Jun

Hippo craft ideas  for preschool Can’t forget my favourite animal- check out these hungry hippos. All you need are 2 paper plates, textas or paint to colour the plates, googly eyes, glue and marshmallows of various sizes for teeth . Hippo paper plate craft will help to boost in hand manipulation, hand eye coordination, crossing the midline, visual motor and processing skills as well as cutting and fine motor development.Have a nice day everyone.                                          The children also made hippos.They got to put their hippo together,however... 

11 Jun

Hat craft ideas for kindergarten The best thing about a theme party is the handmade costumes. Tonight I was at a “Hat” cocktail party and these were two of the hats. Completely handmade, totally creative, absolutely fabulous. Would you vote Lighthouse Island or Adirondack chair island? There were supposed to be little mermaid dolls sitting in the chairs..! Both amazing:)                            Paper crown craft ideas for kids #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:... 

3 Jun

Transportation craft ideas for preschoolers Did the last craft with my kiddos before sending them off to their long hołiday break; transportation craft with coloured paper by tearing and cutting.                                                    It’s not the first project from these books. I personally like the quality and explanation to each assignment. My daughter likes her new airplane a lot. Transportation project for preschool Everyone is helping with my student’s school project.I looked for the bus,car,plane in the parking lot at school today.... 

28 May

Tree stump painting&activities Tree stump painting and imprinting this morning. How cool was this? Alanna and Lucas made some colorful magic this morning.Thanks them. We are experimenting with our imprinting today. We painted some tree stumps to see what kind of an imprint it would leave. Lucas got a ‘kick’ out of all the rings around the tree stump and was counting them to see how old his tree was before it was cut down.We counted around 30 years…so sweet Tree stump painting activities for preschool or homeschool       

26 May

Who knew that drawing feeling faces on plastic spoons can be so much fun.In today’s Creative Expression class we further explored feelings and told stories about feelings using the Spoon people.Our theme for this term is Emotional Intelligence. The Scarecrow’s Wedding story spoons.All raddy for sharing. Today we were creative:) Back at it again with the story spoons.All ready for this week’s traditional tales Life of nursery nurse 🙂 She did it.They look amazing:) She is going to attemptPiggie and Gerald spoons too…so stay turned:) The mouse saw a nut and the nut... 

21 May

Toddlers color activity with hedgehogs Color sorting with an almost 18 month.Number one tip when doing this with your young toddler is to let them play with the objects before diving into the activity. The first 20 minutes C dumped them on her head, threw them, and tasted them. After the excitement died down, I showed her where the objects belonged and she was eventually placing them in the correct hedgehog by herself. Not because she’s a baby genius, but because we repeated the activity over and over (and over!) again! What you need: Blue,yellow,green and red playdough Plastic colorful small... 

20 May

Our second activity from our new toddler my creative box!. 🦋 What can we say we absolutely love the range of activities offered. The activities are amazing for little hands. This morning my friend asked to make a butterfly craft! So a quick look on Pinterest and we began to make a butterfly                                        Hes butterfly popsicle stick and bottle caps  takes only a few minutes and it was a perfect hands on craft for our preschool learning This is an interesting toilet paper roll craft butterfly C and I made. Some collaborative butterfly... 

18 May

 Countries and cultures at school Which country is your favorite? I like USA:) These activities were done at my school. Then exhibited the activities We made puppets from wooden spoons It was really fun:)) We learned the flags of the countries We learned about the cultures of countries We learned the tourist attractions of the countries We learned local dresses of countries Developing Countries                                             

17 May

Paper plate craft ideas for preschoolers Paper plates are brilliant for craft projects and are super versatile. Here we’ve made plate monsters (monster plates?) with stuff in the craft box. We have been crafting again this week, and made these fab paper plate bird nest.         This is a awesome idea! I might have to make some as we still have some paper plates knocking around from a birthday party two years ago                                                           Paper plate boat craft and paper plate aquarium craft for preschoolers #gallery-7...