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6 Feb
  • Q-tip painting project {fine motor skills} ~ Here is a fun way to exercise your child’s fine motor skills.
  • Q Tip painting printables
  • Here are the links to some wonderful free printable coloring pages made for q-tip painting
  • Q-tip painting sheets
  • Q-tip painting activities for primary shool,fırst grade,,,,
  • Train fun q-tip painting
  • My class work with q-tip
  • Q-tip worksheets template

Q-tips worksheets;

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My work;

IMG_20151201_100507 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100527 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100617 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100641 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100843 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100922 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_100933 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102118 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102133 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102148 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102200 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102228 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_102247 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_103821 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_103900 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_103914 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_103939 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_104012 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_104036 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_104051 (Kopyala) IMG_20151201_104104 (Kopyala) IMG_20151202_081555 (Kopyala) IMG_20151202_081623 (Kopyala) IMG_20151203_083426 (Kopyala) IMG_20151203_083437 (Kopyala)

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