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2 Apr

The mice soon began to meet at Emporio Tronchetti to collect clover flour, honey, blackberry liqueur, poppy seeds and all the other things they needed for the picnic. Peverino knew that there was a walk planned and that if he behaved well, he would have been allowed to go there. Peverino was a bit ‘sorry because no one seemed to remember his birthday, but because he did not want to be seen with tears in his eyes tried to hide the disappointment as best he could. Everyone brought something. The road was very long. Raising and pushing, pulling and snorting, the mice ran down the road around the palace and through the cornfield to the stream. Here we are! Mr. de’Topis finally shouted. The baskets were placed on the ground. In a flash the packages were opened. Peverino sat on his basket, too tired to open it. Signor Pomelli exclaimed: “Let us rejoice, friends, for these green fields of ours. Peverino opened the big basket and when he had lifted the lid he did not believe his eyes. Inside the basket, surrounded by presents, there was a giant cake, and above, written with pink icing: happy birthday Peverino, best wishes Peverino, best wishes to you! sang the mice, um … thanks for all these wonderful gifts, said Peverino. When they had also taken tea, the adults drifted off under the bluebells, while the little ones played among the primroses. end.



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