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9 Oct

Sudoku activities for kids

These wonderful activities, which are somewhat simplified for small age groups, are great exercises for brain gymnastics. Sudoku works created with numbers, shapes, objects and letters will also allow you to repeat your past subjects. You will have fun learning through these studies that can be applied very comfortably at home and at school.

Sudoku increases the concentration of children, supports intelligence development and manufacturer, keeps the brain vigorous and healthy. In addition, the mind is a very relaxing game.

kids-sudoku-1 kids-sudoku-2 kids-sudoku-3 kids-sudoku-4 kids-sudoku-5 kids-sudoku-6 kids-sudoku-7 kids-sudoku-8 kids-sudoku-9 kids-sudoku-10 sudoku-answer-1 sudoku-answer-2

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