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20 Apr

Cutting and pasting activities help your child develop fine motor skills by cutting pictures  and pasting them in a variety of designs. It also gives your child a creative outlet to express herself.Cutting and pasting animals,vehicles, colors,  alphabets,  shapes from worksheets gives your child an entire theme to work with. cut and paste worksheets, activities for kindergarten, preschool, follow this link for more cut and paste activities, cut and paste activities / free printable worksheets, cut & paste activites, worksheets and printables, free download: cut & paste patterns printable... 

29 Sep

This page includes fun handwriting activities for kids, preschoolers, kindergarteners.  

13 Aug

cut and paste worksheets, activities for kindergarten, fun learning printables for kids, cut and paste kindergarten, preschool worksheets,  

11 Mar

Applications for beginners It is interesting approach to develop fine motor skills combined with size, colors, expanding the vocabulary about Animals. With advancers you could give verbal instructions-e.g. Put the ears on the dog. it is excellent work for lipreading and hearing perception of hearing imparted children. If the child could manage with cutting it is better to cut the shapes without help. Other kinds of cut and paste worksheets are available on our website my pleasure. Read more click here;    

14 Feb

Whether you are teaching an adult or a child to write, it is very important that you teach them how to hold a pencil correctly.  This post will help you teach a child to hold a pencil correctly . Toddlers who are just beginning to draw can grip their crayon any way they choose, but once a child is in preschool or entering kindergarten , it is a good idea to teach your child to hold a pencil correctly.  It is good to help your student learn correct pencil grip early because once your child has already started writing with an incorrect grip, it can be pretty difficult to correct bad habits.... 

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