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31 Aug

Alphabet matching game for kids Back to School Alphabet Center: Upper and Lower case apple match. Upper and Lower case apple match. A fun activity for Preschool and Kindergarten Back to School Center free Alphabet matching game Alphabet cutting activities Upper and lower case worksheets for kids Back to school activities  

18 Aug

Alphabet ice cream match game free printables Our “Upper & Lower Case Alphabet Ice Cream Matching Game” is a great, fun alphabet learning game for your children. 26 Ice cream cones 26 Ice cream tops HOW TO PLAY: Children match each upper case letter to it matching lower case letter. HOW TO ASSEMBLE: 1. Print out these pages. 2. Laminate each page. 3. Cut out each ice cream cone and ice cream top. You’re ready for action! Ice Cream Upper and Lower Case Matching Activity Alphabet Ice Cream Printables ice cream alphabet matching game  

5 May

Alphabet matching game for kids How to use; This is an uppercase-lowercase matching game You can color print and laminate all the lowercase letter sheets.Color print,cut and laminate the uppercase letter sheets.If you do not want to use the laminator,print on thick card stock papers.You can use double sided tapes to make it easier for your child to match the cards. Letter matching games for kids Uppercase and lowercase matching games Preschool alphabet matching activities  

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