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4 Sep

Bunny alphabet printables for school Bunny alphabet printables for children Free bunny alphabet printables Bunny alphabet free printables Alphabet activities with bunny Kids alphabet flashcards Bunny alphabet free flashcards Alphabet flash cards printable Related Posts:Community helpers flash cardsSchool yard ideasWinter Door Decorations for SchoolLearning Color Activities for KıdsNumber flash cards 1-20Alphabet flash cards printable 

18 Aug

Alphabet ice cream match game free printables Our “Upper & Lower Case Alphabet Ice Cream Matching Game” is a great, fun alphabet learning game for your children. 26 Ice cream cones 26 Ice cream tops HOW TO PLAY: Children match each upper case letter to it matching lower case letter. HOW TO ASSEMBLE: 1. Print out these pages. 2. Laminate each page. 3. Cut out each ice cream cone and ice cream top. You’re ready for action! Ice Cream Upper and Lower Case Matching Activity Alphabet Ice Cream Printables ice cream alphabet matching game Related Posts:Free cut and... 

18 Aug

Alphabet themed cutting pages for school This page includes alot of free animal cutting pages for kids.Do these pages with your students with your child and enjoy. Children are your future… You can also send your free pages in this page. Mail: Alphabet themed cutting pages for first grade Animals cutting pages Bugs cutting pages Letter cutting activities for primary school Letter activities for 1 grade Related Posts:Alphabet handwriting worksheets A to Z for preschool…Bugs Theme for PreschoolersCool winter arts and craftsLetter first reading flashcardsMy... 

27 Feb

Feed the Penguin Games for Kıds Prep Work: Get an old cardboard box and some black, white, and orange construction paper. We used a graham cracker box. Wrap the black construction paper around the box. Using a knife, cut an oval shaped hole for the mouth. For the beak, cut a square out of orange construction paper. Then cut an oval shaped hole in the middle. Tape the beak onto the penguin. Eyes,feet and stomach Cut out 2 black, oval flaps for the wings and tape one on each side. and fıshes Then draw on whatever concept you want to teach: shapes, numbers, letters, math, words, etc. ... 

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