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18 Nov

Ladybug and bee craft idea for kids It was a hot summer day. Everywhere was filled with flowers and smelled like air. The bee was flying over the flower field, cheerful and cheerful. It was so beautifully floating in the air that daisy watched it admirably. The bee that is tired from flying is placed in the tree branch next to the pope. Daisy wants to talk to the bee and calls out: Bee sister, how beautiful you are flying. But I do not have wings and I do not see the beauties of the world like you. I just see the flowers around me. Could you take me with you someday? he says. That’s how the... 

2 Jun

Bee bulletin board ideas for preschoolers These activities was prepared by my friends.I thank them for these great bee crafts for kids,school decorations,bulletin board activities. I gave the love bees the name of this bees.You can use Valentine heart cards,construction papers,goggly eyes.                          Related Posts:School name tags for childrenHeart Coloring PagesBack to school name tagsConstruction coloring pagesName recognition activitiesColors theme bulletin board ıdeas & classroom…