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23 Nov

Perfect children’s playhouse Was in the girls’ playhouse today and it was awesome.Well, I’m excited to spend some time in there to tidy and pretty things up again next week. I’ll use this pic as my reminder. You can review pictures                            Related Posts:Time worksheets for learning to tell timeTime worksheets for kidsCardboard home projectsPut the pictures in the right orderFind the hidden object picturesCardboard box fish craft 

15 Nov

Homeschool handmade memory game activity   Materials; Wipes covers Cardboard Silicon Pictures Great idea! Memory games are fun and good for the kids.My daughter would love this. Produced for pre-school children, this educational toy enhances children’s observation skills, hand skills and creativity, and strengthens children’s memory, reasoning and associative skills. Help build their memory skills and also promote calm and focused learning. Related Posts:Pre-writingLook at the pictures what is wrong?Memory Cards for KidsLearning Color Activities for KıdsPre Writing Activity...