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10 May

Mothers are the most valuable beings. If you ask me which of the books that I have read is the most beautiful one, let me say: It is my mother and today is her birthday. You are my sweetheart, I love you a lot my beautiful mom. I cannot love and attach to anybody in the world more than you, happy birthday my dear mom. My safest shelter in this world is our arms. It is my biggest luck in this world that you are my mom. I love you mummy. Mom, I admire your sweet smile, affectionate eyes, compassionate heart and especially your utterance of “my little one.” Happy birthday mummy. You are... 

5 Mar

These cards can be use not only as flashcards but as concentration cards. You can also use them as a memory activity if you white out the job names. community helpers theme preschool activities and crafts, community helpers, community helpers theme, community helper activities and lesson plans for preschool, community helpers theme preschool plan ıt, community helpers preschool and kindergarten activities free jobs and occupations flashcards, jobs flashcards, jobs flashcards for kids  

22 Feb

Mother’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids  

Preschool Activities,montessori at home