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18 Mar

Spring tree craft with popcorn for kids These trees were made by my wife’s sister. Actually, she’s my sister too. Because I love her. She’s got students, so she’s a teacher. It’s like a winter tree. But she told me that we made spring trees crafts. I don’t want to upset her. I’m just adding a spring. For students, you must prepare tree-printable and popcorn. The rest is very easy. easy corn craft for kids using real popcorn,                 

9 Mar

Spring craft ideas for preschoolers Spring is around the corner…According to the calendar!It appears Mother Nature has other plans….In any case we created a flower garden with high hopes for spring weather,soon! Spring has sprung!!! Loving these springy flower collages: paint, Easter grass, egg cartons, pipe cleaners and cotton balls! Oh my!! Thanks, pinterest for the inspiration…. Here’s to warmer temps and lots of real flowers     You and your girls and your sons are unstoppable at the moment! Create, create, create then create some more! Spring paper crafts...