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3 Nov

Toilet paper roll craft idea for preschoolers

The toilet roll is a wonderful material.We use it all the time all the time.Can you look at the following art events.Everybody is beautiful.He says that we should make an airplane.And my student says we should make a bee.I am tired a bit.Ama is very fun.Our husband is tired.You do not do art activities anymore :)Have  a nice day

paper-roll-car-craft-1 paper-roll-car-craft-2 toilet-paper-roll-bee-craft-1 toilet-paper-roll-bee-craft-2 toilet-paper-roll-bee toilet-paper-roll-bunny toilet-paper-roll-butterfly toilet-paper-roll-car-park-craft toilet-paper-roll-caterpillar toilet-paper-roll-chicken toilet-paper-roll-craft toilet-paper-roll-dog-craft toilet-paper-roll-dog toilet-paper-roll-elephant toilet-paper-roll-flower-and-butterfly-craft toilet-paper-roll-flower-craft toilet-paper-roll-gift toilet-paper-roll-idea toilet-paper-roll-math-activity toilet-paper-roll-peacock toilet-paper-roll-pencilcase toilet-paper-roll-plane-craft toilet-paper-roll-snail-craft

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