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Addition snake game

Preschool or homeschool addition snake math game/addition activity

  • Meeting with maths actually starts with the birth. Object permanence and starting to comprehend cause and effect relationship at basic way in baby period are the basic skills of math progress.
  • When the child completes the pre-school period, he/she will earn many basic maths skills needed  for the school period. Pre-school children’s earning all that basic maths skills is up to appropriate planning, using different materials and strategies and using effectively in daily life by considering the maths as a part of daily life.
  • Progress of concept of operation is parallel with gaining the skill of counting. Before earning the adding and substracting skills, counting to 10, ranging the group of objects from 1 to 10, relating the numbers with the writings and gaining digit positions should be earned.
  • Also piece-whole relationship, matching one to one, development of the concept that whole is bigger than pieces and gaining the reverse convertibility especially for the substracting operation are needed to be gained.
  • Three important issue should be taken consideration while teaching adding and substracting to pre-school children. First of them, substracting is more difficult skill than adding so it should be taught later. Secondly, adding and substracing should be started with low numbers.
  • Finally, concrete experinces and real objects should be presented. When succeeding with the real objects, it should be continued with pictures of the objects, not studied the adding and substracting with the symbols of numbers directly or in mind.
  • And here, my beautiful girl has prepared the materials of activity that she makes adding operation with dot labels by herself 🙂

Materials: the snake pictures drawn, operation cards, crayons, glue and colorful dot labels.

Firstly, these little hands has colored the pictures of snakes as wished.

Then operation cards are glued under the snake pictures.

And our activity is ready to practice 🙂

Dot labels as the first number of adding operation under the snake are glued. Dot labels are contiuned to glue until getting the score of adding operation. The dots out of the first number of adding are counted and the score number is written in the box.

We wanted to make more practice by preparing this activity ourselves. If you want to print the same activity colorfully, you can reach from here and at the following link. snake addition printable 

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