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24 Feb

You can find the printables needed to design a calendar on “I’m designing my calendar “ from this page. Preschool calendar time: teaching about days, weeks,months,seasons on a calendar. Free printable weather learning wheel Days of the week calendar board printable Free printable four seasons spinner Related Posts:Find the difference between two imagesNumber 4 worksheetsLearning Color Activities for KıdsI am designing my calendarTime worksheets for learning to tell timeWeather craft ideas for preschoolers 

10 Feb

Preschool or homeschool addition game/addition activity Meeting with maths actually starts with the birth. Object permanence and starting to comprehend cause and effect relationship at basic way in baby period are the basic skills of math progress. When the child completes the pre-school period, he/she will earn many basic maths skills needed  for the school period. Pre-school children’s earning all that basic maths skills is up to appropriate planning, using different materials and strategies and using effectively in daily life by considering the maths as a part of daily life. Progress... 

6 Oct

Connect numbers worksheets (number one) (open the picture ,click to right and save desktop then print)               Related Posts:Number 3 worksheets for preschoolLearning the number 1 with sheetsNumber 4 worksheetsPut the pictures in the right orderConnect the dots worksheetsConnect the dots for preschool 

20 Jul

How many are there worksheets for preschoolers This page includes a lot of free ‘how many are there’ worksheets for kids.                           Related Posts:Tracing line worksheetFraction free printable worksheetsFree printable six worksheetsFree coloring page for kidsFree stationary printablesPreschool counting worksheets 

5 May

  The acquisition of number concept is very difficult during kindergarten period, because children in the small age group have difficulty understanding an abstract concept, such as numbers, because they are more prone to understanding concrete concepts. In order to teach this concept to children, we have to take advantage of concrete work in all the activities we organize so that children can learn the concept of numbers at the desired level. Related Posts:Letter handwriting worksheetsNumber 3 worksheets for preschoolNumber 4 worksheetsPut the pictures in the right orderIce age coloring... 

4 May

What is the fine motor skill? The fine motor skill in children is the name given to the management of small muscles on hand and fingers. Thanks to the fine motor skills, your child can use the pencil, fork, scissors appropriately, buttons, tie the shoe, and can maintain. What you need: Scissors /glue and tray Solar system printables(You can download it for free from below. Right-click and save to computer) Let’s cut it first and then paste it Cutting activity free printables Related Posts:Free cut and paste activities for kidsSchool name tags for childrenGeometric Application for... 

4 May

Space theme cut and paste activity It’s been hard to find this planetary model. I’ve been walking around shopping malls all over the store. But in the end I found:)I did this activity to teach the planets. ‘ Cause I even confuse it. You can use planet model,planet printables(we interrupted the previous activity please see there),black foam and construction paper. My daughter loves to glue She sometimes ruffled the order but then she looked at the model and did the right thing It was a nice project, we can sleep now. Related Posts:Put the pictures in the right orderSpace... 

28 Apr

Use the symbol < or > to show if a number is less than or greater than . Remember the symbol points to the number than is less. Talk to your students on the concepts of greatness-small. Compare large-to-small objects compared to each other. ‘ ‘ See, here’s the big spoon, and yours is the little spoon. My feet are big, your feet are small! ‘ ‘ You can do the following worksheets together. Related Posts:Puppet show craft ideasPre-Writing WorksheetsPreschool big and small letter printableMy Little Pony ActivitiesPreschool big and small... 

20 Apr

Cutting and pasting activities help your child develop fine motor skills by cutting pictures  and pasting them in a variety of designs. It also gives your child a creative outlet to express herself.Cutting and pasting animals,vehicles, colors,  alphabets,  shapes from worksheets gives your child an entire theme to work with. For more cut and paste activities CLICK HERE. Related Posts:Free cut and paste activities for kidsGeometric Application for KıdsVehicles ActivitiesShapes Activities for PreschoolersCut and Paste ActivitiesSpace Worksheets 

18 Apr

In the teaching of the color concept in children, sorting can be from the main colors to the intermediate colors, as well as the “black, white” colors can be started around the child. Related Posts:Sorting printables for kıdsCupcake alphabet matchingLearning Color Activities for KıdsShadow Matching ActivitiesSorting by size worksheetsSorting sizes printables for kıds 

5 Apr

We love color by number activities 🙂 There are many benefits to color-by-number coloring pages. Aside from the benefits of coloring in general, your children will also learn the importance of coloring instructions, the meaning of symbols, and the advantage of seeing things through to the end.Absolutely try 🙂 When I went to the village, I brought this chick in a shoebox. Fortunately, the flight attendant didn’t see it. All along the way, “cik cik” shouted. Look, he’s escorting my daughter:) Related Posts:Solar system crafts for preschoolersDinosaur Coloring... 

24 Jan

  Preschool pre writing worksheets Related Posts:Pre Writing Activity SheetsPre-Writing WorksheetsPre-writing activities for kıdsPreschool pre writing printablesCreative pre-writing sheetsPre-writing