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8 Mar

Our Arctic Sensory Bin It’s snowing! My girl is loving winter sensory day with outdoor centers and fun winter-themed hands on activities! Here is how I made the ıgloo. Supplies; Sugar cubes Scissors Silicon Silicon gun Funnel Prepared Eskimo house from cube sugar First we cut the excess parts of the funnel with the help of a scissors or a knife and bring it with the figure as it is. We arrange it before we start to place sugar. We can use a different material instead of huni.Then we start by placing the individual cubes of sugar, starting with the bottom row of silicon. I used... 

21 Dec

Light table activities for kids Sensory art exploration on the light table-presented with the rose petals the children decided to sort them according to colour.I found interesting that the smell of the roses was associated with parties and cakes.We made a cake with shaving cream and printed artwork as a reminder of this encounter:) We laminated some of our leaves from our Nature walk to create with at the light table.(a fall day) Leaf man by Lois provided lots of inspiration-as did Star Wars .Leaf Stormtrooper and R2D2 were my favourite creations today:) Fall themed light table activities with... 

27 Nov

We made zoo sensory box with my students.         Zoo activities for preschool My student tells me: Well, we’re going to the zoo, and I was so happy and excited that day, because it’s the first time we go to the zoo. I’m so happy I have a lot of questions in my head I wonder if I could see a monkey at the zoo, and many more questions like that, it was finally time to get in our car and go to the zoo. I ran into the lions ‘ land, and then the tigers elephants zebras then we came to the fox, the most beloved animal, and I asked my mother to take a picture of me, and... 

7 Oct

There are fun creative activities which dear mother Zekiye Genç Alaca prepares for her handsome boy at this page. We thank her so much again for her sharing. You can follow this handsome boy from the Facebook page of Alaca Bebeğin Oyun Günlüğü. Have fun!  

22 Sep

Pirate worksheets for kids In waters where the sky and sea are the same color, there was a pirate ship the body is as small as a matchbox, as thin and graceful as the wings of a butterfly, and the crew had a pirate ship full of pirates, which are smaller than a ladybug. This pirate ship is so small, it’s so tiny that if it rains a little, even the raindrops can cause the ship to capsize. The wind is a bit violent, the ship would have to listen to the wind to sail back to the sea for a while when it was airborne like a plane. And if there’s a wave, the fate of the sailor is the little... 

25 Apr

Bee fine motor skills and learning activities What you need: Construction papers Scissors and glue Foam White yarn It’s a great activity you can do at home. My sister and my daughter have done it together. I did not think about a fine motor activity. We wrap around and work our finger muscles. We take our yellow construction papers and cut them in oval shape to make bees.     The second stage we stick these papers together.     Now let’s decorate with black papers. Let’s make the eyes of pen.         Now we are ready.So cute.     In this part of our activity we will... 

29 Dec

Printmaking crafts for kids Exploring different patterns and marks made using toilet and kitchen rolls that have been squashed, cut and wrapped in string and elastic bands.What a fun idea.These prints are so easy and are able to be made with materials you probably already have. We also used it as an exercise in pattern making. Creative printmaking ideas for kids This page includes a lot of free printmaking techniques and projects for kids,preschoolers,kindergarten.                        

1 Dec

Fall leaves craft ideas What to do with all those leaves you’ve racked up?….use them to make these quirky leaf animals.So cute.We made our own hedgehog with our leaves.We used rocks,stones,leaves and natural materials. Two owls on the tree.On the ground is a hedgehog.Excellent crafts and great language skills.I could not do a better collage crafts:)   Finally we talked to them.Today’s best friends The leaves and stones that we gathered this year are very useful. Autumn-fall craft ideas #gallery-5 { margin: auto; } #gallery-5 .gallery-item { float:... 

23 Nov

A Fun Breathing Game for Toddlers This page includes breath activity and color matching. This weeks breathing activity at home. What you need: Small pom poms Straw Two wooden bowl and wooden tray Tested this breathing activity out again with my home using the straw and pom poms and it still was a success! My daughter held her breath then burst out laughing.It was a good afternoon.I really love this:)) Our second activity is color matching activity.We used colorful pom poms,straw and colorful plastic bowls.My daughter is succesfull Blow painting art activity What you need: Watercolors Pipette First,... 

21 Nov

I designed these cute little chicken life cycle craft using cardboard!My girl from a few years ago absolutely loved them. They did the coloring and gluing. I did all of the cutting and connecting. First we talked about the egg and she immediately asked me what the dot was in the middle of the yolk which led to the discussion around having a rooster to help create babies to hatch from eggs. Next we talked about the life cycle and in making a stacked life cycle craft she practiced reading. Activity pictures;       This page contains chicken sensory box that our dear mother, Hilal Acar... 

21 Nov

This page includes Bee Sensory Table prepared  by me for my sweet girl.Busy bees working on sensory bin.My daughter had to pick up the surprise egg bees and put them into their hive. Here is how we made the bees. Supplies; Yellow eggs Googly eyes Greaseproof paper Black pipe cleaners Needle nose pliers Scissors Black electrical tape Hot glue gun and glue Stuff to put inside   Peas Sensory Bin This page includes peas sensory bin with prepared  by me for my sweet girl.We have fun!    

21 Nov

Fire Safety Sensory Bin for Toddlers This page includes Fire Safety Sensory Bin prepared  by me for my sweet girl.After shot of our fire/fire safety themed sensory bin, forgot to take one before the little hands got stuck in. Materials: Tray Cardboard house Fire truck Fire safety theme printables Pom poms (yellow and red)