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3 Jun

Transportation craft ideas for preschoolers Did the last craft with my kiddos before sending them off to their long hołiday break; transportation craft with coloured paper by tearing and cutting.                                                    It’s not the first project from these books. I personally like the quality and explanation to each assignment. My daughter likes her new airplane a lot. Transportation project for preschool Everyone is helping with my student’s school project.I looked for the bus,car,plane in the parking lot at school today.... 

19 Nov

Transportation activities for kids Today we are learning about transportation.My girl likes sensory bins very much.Transportation theme sensory box. Here’s what we do: we keep this shoe box and use it only for sensory play.We also added some fun vehicles and rocks to the mix and those stay with the sensory bin. So it’s a special toy.I have a few more ideas on new things to add – maybe cooked pasta, sand, and so on. But we might wait for the weather to get a little warmer and take that outside.