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3 Jun

Transportation craft ideas for preschoolers Clothespin transportation craft ideas Felt and toilet paper roll car crat and project ideas Plastic bootle airplane project for kids Space ship and prate ship craft for preschool Rocket craft ideas for kindergarten Pop stick boat craft,torn paper boat craft Canoe craft idea for kids Seed bus craft for kids Tissue paper air balloon craft idea                                                       

1 Jun

Transportation project for preschool Children are our joy. As teachers, we act with the idea of shaping their futures. Creative students who think and who can produce practical solutions will form the future world. As you know, projects are made and exhibited at the end of the term at schools. We try to enrich our followers’ world of thought by sharing these projects with them. There are handmade-practical and cost-efficient activities below. Plane Truck Train Car Bus Yacht                         

4 Jan

Vehicles project for preschoolers Truck Bus Air plane Helicopter Construction scoop truck Boat Rocket Train Submarine    

9 Nov

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6 Oct

Vehicles craft for kindergarten Recycled car craft ideas Toilet paper roll car craft idea for kids Lightning mcqueen craft ideas Thomas and friends craft idea for preschoolers Rocket craft ideas Bottle air plane craft,cardboard plane craft ideas Ship craft for kids Felt car craft ideas  

30 Sep

pirate ship craft, boat craft kids, boat crafts for kids to make, boat craft ıdeas, rocket ship crafts for kids, ıdeas to make toy boats & ships with easy arts, preschool ship crafts, kindergarten ship crafts, creative ship crafts for kids, fun ship crafts for kids, ship bulletin board ideas,  

14 Sep

Free printable vehicles  

22 Aug

Plane and helicopter template printable for kids Free plane and helicopter template printable for preschoolers Plane mobile template Helicapter mobile template printable Sweet plane and helicopter template printable Homemade plane and helicopter for school,kids  

6 May

Train letter activities T is for train coloring pages T is for train puzzle,dot to dot activities T is for train shapes activities and train matching activities T is for train pre wtiring and cutting activities for kids T is for train color by letter activities Train alphabet activities Train letter free printables Free train alphabet activities,printables,worksheets  

26 Apr

Shape vehicles printable for kids Geometric shapes train printables for kids Free shape vehicles for kids Free shape vehicles template printables Shapes cut and paste free printables for kindergarten Free vehicle:train,boat,truck fine motor skills printables  

25 Apr

Train number printables for kids Free train math activities Train number free printables Vehicles themed math activities for kids Train number free printables for preschoolers Train number printables for clossroom wall 1-10 number free printables with train  

17 Apr

Number cards for preschoolers Funny numbers It is good exercise for counting, making a connection between numbers and their quantity, speech (global and concrete concepts about transport means , singular and plural of nouns) and good mood. Enjoy! Vehicles number cards Free number cards printables Number card for kids Preschool fun math activities with number cards Number Cards for Preschool Number cards for kıds    

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