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22 Aug

Back to school door decorations for preschool Switching out our hallway decor I made a giraffe an outdoor to go with our theme. Thanks to my wonderful helpers today for making my very cute door decoration. I think I need a chiropractor after this:) Skip counting/fact fluency and area/perimeter on the back of my classroom and closet doors.Math is so fun. Our door for February Each post it represents what a students will bring to school each day to make it a great. Can’t believe ıts been over a month since these kiddos popped in to fourth grade.Time flies when you are having fun…or... 

12 Jan

Creative door decorating ideas for preschoolers Foam door decorations idea for school Cartoon character door decoration ideas(Mickey Mouse,Tweety,Smurfs…) Preschool door decorations with foam Autumn themed door decoration idea for school School door decoration with animals Door decoration project for preschoolers  

12 Nov

Preschool wall decoration ideas        

27 Oct

Door decoration ideas for preschoolers  

26 Oct

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18 Oct

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4 Oct

Preschool door decoration ideas,Door decoration ideas for preschool        

3 Oct

Classroom decoration ideas Excellent Classroom Decoration Ideas classroom decoration ideas for preschool creative classroom decorating ideas Creative Preschool classroom decorating ideas  

29 Sep

Ideas about classroom decorations This page includes a lot of ideas about classroom decoration for kids,preschool,kindergarten.  

27 Sep

Halloween door decorations Halloween classroom door decorations Classroomd door decorations for halloween Halloween door decorations ideas Fun halloween front doors Halloween office decorations  

29 Feb

St Patrick’s Day bulletin board ideas St. Patrick’s Day door decorations for preschoolers  

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