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29 Nov

Umbrella craft for preschoolers

Umbrella! Our fifth in the Famous Artist Project, fitting as it is raining today!! The kids chose their own colors….
Inspired by ‘instagram’ who posted these in mixed media form. Love how these turned out

Theme of the day… Umbrellas go up, umbrellas go down


news-paper-umbrella-craft-1 news-paper-umbrella-craft-2 paper-roll-umbrella-craft paper-umbrella-craft-1 paper-umbrella-craft-2 pipe-cleaner-umbrella-craft tissue-paper-umbrella-craft umbrella-and-cloud-craft umbrella-and-snowman-craft umbrella-bulletin-board-idea umbrella-craft-decoration umbrella-themed-seasons-craft umbrella-window-decoration yarn-umbrella-craft




Seasons crafts for preschoolers

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