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7 Dec

Newspaper dog craft idea for kids This page includes two sweet dogs craft for children. Materials: Newspapers Font carton Glue and scissors Why this craft? Because,the fine motor skills is very important for us. My daughter and her friend made that craft with news paper.(age 4-6 years). All together examine my pictures. Have fun:))        

10 Nov

Makeup cotton pads swan painting activity&fine motor activity Materials Needed: Makeup cotton pads Glue and scissors Red foam Colorful font carton Movable eyes Instructions: 1-Cutting Makeup Cotton pads  by scissors as a shape of heart is the first thing should be done. And then stick the Make-up Cotton pads on the carton font by glue. 2-After that your child will be able to paint it as much as they like. At the same time, your child can apply painting with syringe or drip cap for improvement of their fine motor skills. 3-My pretty daughter did painting on Make-up Cotton Pads as much... 

14 Jul

Creating patterns on flying balloon This page includes an enjoyable activity with the theme of flying balloons. As for the difficulty level, it appeals to the primary school students. Along with fine cutting exercises, activities of creating patterns are made. This activity of ours which supports the development of fine motor skills will also help our children perceive artistic works. Have fun in advance while doing the activity which we will explain step-by-step 😊 First, we share our template picture. First, print this template and divide it into two equal parts from the line in the... 

27 Jun

Stone craft idea for preschoolers This page includes a lot of free stone craft for kids.Do these craftt&activities with your students with your child and enjoy. Cactus stone craft idea Fish stone craft for kids Spring stone crafts Winter stone craft for kindergarten Build a dinosaur with stones Cat stone craft for wall decorations Stone painting designs  

15 May

Play dough activity and craft Play dough is one of the most enjoyable ways to develop children’s creativity. Your children can start playing with play doh  from 18 months. Even if they cannot shape it until three years of age, touching the play dough, pinching, rolling or cutting it is enough Along with developing their imagination, play dough; Supports the development of hand and finger muscles. Provides hand-eye coordination. Help children learn the concepts of hard and soft. Can be used as an enjoyable way to learn shapes and colors. Can be seen as a way of children to express themselves Play... 

5 May

free handwriting number worksheets for preschool and kindergarten, , numbers worksheets for preschool and kindergarten, writing numbers worksheets, free handwriting pages for writing numbers, best ideas about number writing practice, tons of tracing, number practice, tracing – number tracing free printable worksheets, number tracing -1-10 worksheet  

4 May

This page includes solar system cutting activitiy  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl. Learning how to use scissors plays an important role in developing the fine motor skills young children need in order to hold pencils and crayons. Having strong fine motor skills will help children as they begin the tricky process of learning how to write, The opening and closing motion of cutting with scissors helps children develop the small muscles in their hands otherwise known as fine motor skills. These muscles are crucial for holding a pencil or crayons and gripping and manipulating objects. Cutting... 

4 May

Cutting and pasting activities help your child develop fine motor skills by cutting pictures  and pasting them in a variety of designs. It also gives your child a creative outlet to express herself.Cutting and pasting animals,vehicles, colors,  alphabets,  shapes from worksheets gives your child an entire theme to work with. Science – nature activities are also efficient in making children more sensitive to the environment and acquiring a sense of responsibility. While contributing to psychomotor development of young age groups, they also support development in many fields as problem solving... 

20 Apr

Cutting and pasting activities help your child develop fine motor skills by cutting pictures  and pasting them in a variety of designs. It also gives your child a creative outlet to express herself.Cutting and pasting animals,vehicles, colors,  alphabets,  shapes from worksheets gives your child an entire theme to work with. cut and paste worksheets, activities for kindergarten, preschool, follow this link for more cut and paste activities, cut and paste activities / free printable worksheets, cut & paste activites, worksheets and printables, free download: cut & paste patterns printable... 

5 Apr

We love color by number activities 🙂 There are many benefits to color-by-number coloring pages. Aside from the benefits of coloring in general, your children will also learn the importance of coloring instructions, the meaning of symbols, and the advantage of seeing things through to the end.Absolutely try 🙂 planet, solar system coloring pages, solar system coloring pages, solar system color sheet, color by number solar system, free printable solar system coloring pages for kids, color by number: outer space worksheet, space color by numbers  

4 Apr

This page includes earth lacing activity  with prepared  by me for my sweet girl our solar system theme🙂 earth lacing activity, space lacing cards, earth day lacing craft using recycled cardboard, earth day lacing craft, earth day fine motor skills activities, earth day preschool activities, ways to celebrate earth day with your toddler, earth day crafts, worksheets, games and activities, science activities for toddlers and preschoolers, printable lacing cards for kids, fine motor/lacing/weaving, lacing cards to strengthen fine motor skills, homemade lacing cards, homemade toddler lacing... 

29 Mar

Children’s literacy skills include name-writing skills, name awareness. Writing their own name, recognition is a skill that shows significant and meaningful activity and developmental maturity for children. This page contains a  name awareness activity for my daughter. This button worm lacing name activity is a hands-on way to help kids recognize the letters in their name and practice fine motor skills.You can improve your children’s skills in this area with similar activities. Enjoy!!! You will need: Scissors Red, green and brown eva foam sheets Green ribbon Green buttons Green rope Needle How... 

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