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Valentine’s day craft for preschoolers

Valentine day craft ideas for preschoolers

Super easy and cute Valentine’s day craft for parents we did this week.Having the kids write their own name made it that much more special.

More fun with hearts.This is a fun and simple Valentines activity.All you need is glue and pompoms.I called out the color and little lady placed it in the glue dots.Then we switched and he called out some colors for me to place on the dots.She loved that part.Great activity for colors,size and one to one recognition.

A very easy and simple Valentine day craft you can do.Have kids add foil stickers on some cut out hearts and then glue them onto a larger piece of paper.Kids love using stickers of all kinds.


Our adorable heart bouquet.So much fun :)Smiles all around and Adorable love prints for our Vaalentines presents.

A few of our adorable Valentine hot air balloons with using bingo blotter and Valentine day hat craft for preschoolers

We all caught the ”love bug” in preschool today.Kids and parents just enjoyed making this since our theme was all about love,hearts and valentine day gluing activity.

The use of cut streamers gives this heart a crimpled look.Kids love to glue paper pieces onto their artwork which gives it a mosaic look as well!How can we not love art when it can be so simple to make.

Painting heart doilies was a bigger hit than I was expecting.She kept at it for 30 minutes and then asked what else she could paint.Now to decide what to do with them.

And aluminium foil and pipe cleaners Valentine day craft idea

How cute are these Valentine foamies.Now I have to come up with some interesting and creative crafts to make with my preschoolers.The good thing is that you can make a lot of art using foamies.

Happy Valentine’s Day.Teaching my pre-primary kiddies all about.

Valentine day loose parts

Finisging up our handmade Valentine’s Day cards and thumbprint hearts.

Tissue paper heart.A cute and easy Valentine craft using tissue paper squares(Dollar tree) and a glue stick.

Happy Valentine’s day craft from us.

Kindergarten crafting for Valentine s Day.Thanks to pinterest for sharing this idea from my friends.You ladies made me a cool mom.

I love you to pieces.Sun catcher.This Valentine s day themed collage sun catcher was a hit with little one this afternoon.We are hoping for some sunshine soon as it’s super gloomy here today.

Tearing paper was so much fun and so great for strengthening those little hands.

Butterflies Valentine day

You are a hoot & owl always be your friend” Valentines.So easy,so cute.


Valentine’s Day craft ideas for preschoolers


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