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20 Oct

Learning fruits and vegetables (craft-project-display) Children are our joy. As teachers, we act with the idea of shaping their futures. Creative students who think and who can produce practical solutions will form the future world. As you know, projects are made and exhibited at the end of the term at schools. We try to enrich our followers’ world of thought by sharing these projects with them. There are handmade-practical and cost-efficient activities below.                                                      Lemon art and craft ideas for kids,toddlers #gallery-1... 

1 Apr

Fruit and vegetables craft ideas for preschoolers Pretty summer fruits and vegetables in a basket. I had the kids glue pretty fruit and vegetable cut outs into their baskets! We then added mosaic tiles to decorate the baskets giving it a summer garden look! Teach them about their fruits and vegetables craft and art activities with different materials! Visit our website and search “vegetable activities or fruit craft ” for more ideas Fruit and vegetable craft ideas for preschoolers Leek craft ideas for preschoolers      Fruits bulletin... 

27 Mar

Watermelon craft and art ideas for preschoolers I absolutely love how these turned out! You can’t have summer and not have watermelon! Hand painted and handmade crafts by the kids on cut out cardboard or papers,paper plate… We have been trying to improve our descriptive writing so after eating watermelon in our classroom,we wrote a short paragraph describing what is was like…yum… We cut a paper plate in half, painted the watermelon red and green then dipped a q-tip into black paint and onto our watermelons for the seeds. How adorable are these watermelon day craft... 

24 Mar

Apple craft and art ideas for preschool,kindergarten We’ve been learning all about apples these past couple weeks. We visited a local farm to see how they grow and picked some to take home with us, we baked yummy cinnamon apple bread with our fresh apples, we made apple pie playdough and we are working on some adorable apple crafts and arts  too. ..       

19 Mar

Grape craft ideas for preschoolers What fruit you love most to me, I call it grapes right now. He loves grapes in children. They always like things that are interesting. When I told them we were going to do a grape craft activities, they were surprised,But they said.I showed you the egg cartons and the felts I brought.I gave them the seals and I told them to cut them in circles. They made this mission so beautiful. Today was a good day. Another friend of mine made the toilet paper rolls grape craft, you can find it really cool below.                             Grappe craft ideas... 

7 Mar

Orange craft ideas for preschoolers What is the most beautiful fruit in the Mediterranean region?Answer yes as you know orange.Today we get our theme orange crafts ideas.Paper plates or foam will have great craft ideas.How about the orange juice party at last?But all students should drink that orange juice. Because vitamin C storage