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20 Aug

First day of school frame  Back to school photo ideas Back to school activity for teachers He used one of our letter sets to create this gorgeous first day photo idea Another first day of kinder in the books. Frame I made for the first day of school I was inspired by these two frames to create my own for the 1st day of school. Teacher first day of school frame First Day of School Frame Activity Funny story about these pencils.My mom&aunt made these for me when I was going into kindergarten.Now they helped me turn them into a sign for the first day. Day 1 done. Had to get a shot... 

11 Aug

Clock craft ideas for preschool Clock display Paper plate clock craft ideas Children are our joy. As teachers, we act with the idea of shaping their futures. Creative students who think and who can produce practical solutions will form the future world. As you know, projects are made and exhibited at the end of the term at schools. We try to enrich our followers’ world of thought by sharing these projects with them. There are handmade-practical and cost-efficient activities below.                      

1 Aug

Weather with umbrella for kids I made this craft(project) in my class You want to teach weather events to the class: Rainy Cloudy Stormy Foggy Snowy Sunny 1-First, you need an umbrella. 2-You can use felt and foam 3-How is it with art? 4-Using scissors to make sun, cloud, umbrella, wind, …etc 5-You can paste it on the ceiling of your class once you have done project 6-This course will be fun and instructive. Have fun…    

27 Jun

Stone craft idea for preschoolers This page includes a lot of free stone craft for kids.Do these craftt&activities with your students with your child and enjoy. Cactus stone craft idea Fish stone craft for kids Spring stone crafts Winter stone craft for kindergarten Build a dinosaur with stones Cat stone craft for wall decorations Stone painting designs  

18 Jun

Sock puppet craft ideas for kindergarten This page includes alot of free sock puppet crafts idea for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy. The kids loved its. Horse and dog sock puppet craft ideas Animals sock puppets Puppet craft and theater Sock puppet craft for preschoolers,kindergarten Sock puppet projects                            

12 Jun

Angry birds craft ideas for preschoolers This page includes alot of free angry birds craft idea for kids.Do these crafts with your students with your child and enjoy. Paper plate angry bird craft ideas Foam and felt angry birds crafts Angry birds bookmarks Paper bag angry birds craft and project                        

18 May

 Countries and cultures at school Which country is your favorite? I like USA:) These activities were done at my school. Then exhibited the activities We made puppets from wooden spoons It was really fun:)) We learned the flags of the countries We learned about the cultures of countries We learned the tourist attractions of the countries We learned local dresses of countries Developing Countries                                             

8 May

Every parent’s dream is to bring up their children as self-confident individuals who can stand on their own legs. Children’s taking responsibility for their own behavior is not a skill that they can acquire or learn in a day when they are old enough. Development of sense of responsibility is possible with some steps that can be taken from the first years of life. Children learn by ‘experiencing-doing’. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of developing sense of responsibility is to give chance to children to live the result of their behavior. No matter how old your children are,... 

25 Apr

Forest Week This page includes art activities about the importance of forests. Forests contain life in themselves. Thousands of animal sorts live there in safety. Forests offer life to these creatures. It provides them with every kind of opportunity for nourishment and protection. You can create this kind of corner in your class or at your school and talk about forests in front of it. It would also be nice to take photos 🙂 You see a forest sensory bin made by using papers here. It is up to you to enrich the content. Tree figures that we made on the walls of the class looked really nice. Our... 

24 Apr

Marbling Art Making marbling is an enjoyable activiy and it requires patience. First, it is necessary to choose a proper paper because marbling cannot be made on all papers. Marbling paper should absorb the paint and it should be durable. In order to make marbling, a rectangular, broad and shallow vat is necessary. Then, the paint is prepared in small cups for marbling. The paint that is going to be used for this purpose should be crushed into fine powder, it should not be among herbal and chemical paints which are not water-soluble dispersable. I recorded this video in a children festival in... 

13 Apr

Minions craft ideas for kids Paper plate minions craft ideas Toilet paper roll minions crafts and activities Construction paper minion craft idea Minion decorations Minion door decoration I gave the kids an egg shape written on construction paper and let them be creative and some turned out so cool:)        

3 Apr

Pencil shaving craft images for kids Name recognition activity with pencil shaving Pencil shaving flower craft and tree craft ideas Pencil sharpener craft and activities for preschoolers Reycle materials craft ideas for kids Ocean themed pencil shaving project  

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