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Thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids

Turkey corks!!!
These came out darlin!! I didn’t set this up to be a fine motor project but after I watched my girl make hers I kept observing her lil fingers trying to grasp these tiny parts and a little or maybe it was a ??? went off in my head…we had fun making these and we will proudly display them at our table.One of my boys is not a fan of holding a pencil with a pincher grasp but watching him pinch the tiny eyes and face parts I see a hundred different ways that he can get more corfortable with it.Very cool…

I made this at work today on my ‘working lunch break’ while my kindergarten class was napping…

What do yo do after a crazy emotional week and the kids are off from school?A thankful craft.Love that Leona put ‘earth/God’ on the some feather.Nature has been our religion in this family.And ‘Honey’ is our neighbor’s dog.She apperantly won a spot over Dada on Hazel’s turkey.

The comment waiting!! Our students have created turkeys and we want to know which one you think is the most creative!! Pick your favorite and write comment.

Sometimes I wish I was still a little kid so I could attend my Mom’s craft programs at the library.I want to make o turkey t-shirt for thanksgiving.

We love paper clip creations,especially when they are adorable Thanksgiving turkeys.Share your favorite craft creations with us& you could win a thanks:)

These poor turkeys need their feathers!Nice idea for group work.

Our thankful turkeys

We spent an excellent morning with kids making these fun turkey.We have so much to be thankful for.

10 little turkeys craft from popsicle stick

Definitely not my daughter’s favorite craft (I don’t think she liked the paint on her hands) but it turned out pretty darn cute:))

Handprint turkey magnets.
Pretty sure the last time we made these,that these 2 kiddos weren’t here…The others will make something…else

Look how cute the teachers at my school are! I spotted this adorable door in our kindergarten hallway:)

It doesn’t get any cuter than this.Footprint&handprint turkeys.So many giggles from this project.

I like to teach big kids how to draw a turkey cuz those turkey hands are fine for little guys but not big kids.

Thanksgiving turkeys for art this week.Only one will be shown to the class.

Turkey headbands for our thanksgiving feast!

This might be our best turkey yet! All my kindies take home a feather to decorate with their families and then we create this adorable feathered friend.The kids like finding their feathers and we all love looking at them.

When the teacher calls you after school on Friday and asks me (class Mom) to come up with a craft for Tuesday’s Thanksgiving party the forget about.Hope this goes over well with the kids and teacher:))

Pinecone thanksgiving craft

and others(for thanksgiving)…


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