Summer craft ideas

Summer craft ideas for kids

I am so excited for tomorrow’s countdown to summer! we will be doing this super cute summer craft.
(I image googled paper plate summer craft &this idea came up)
Here’s my class sample!Btw…my fingers are offisially numb from cutting up 60 triangles and 30 sunglasses.Oh the joys of being a teacher.

Beach slippers art avtivity for preschoolers(footprint flip flops)


Putting toppings on our ice creams after we wrote our spelling words in the cone.We used edicol dye today to paint ice-creams for our sound of the week.

Ice creams up on display

Summer season and learning vegetables or fruits growing on tree.
Which one grows on tree?
Also sorting activity for kids

Watermelon craft idea

Paper(origami) ice-cream project

Sunbed activity

Feet print craft&art

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