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8 Mar

Montessori arctic theme activities

This week’s Montessori project is polars. We prepared very entertaining mat this week. We made an iglo which is full of bubbles looking like snowflakes. And we put cute penguins living in Antartica around the iglo. Then we started our Montessori chat. We learned what degree is in polars, which animals live there and how the life is like there with a long talk. We learned that how hard to live with ice by lots of ice template experiments. After the experiments, we left our templates under the rain in the garden and learned that even the ice melt in a long time under the rain and how the ice could stay the same by a natural experiment. We learned everything that we wonder about polars by marking in both big and little globes. As talking about polars, we also talked about the consequences of glacier melting because of the global warming. While we were talking of what we can do to prevent our world in the future, we decided to be little enviromentalist in our neighborhood by taking little precautions. And this week we complete our Montessori project final with ice skating as relevant to the our topic.

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